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Zomato aiming for 100% deliveries by EVs in the next decade


Zomato, the renowned online food delivery platform, is making significant strides toward environmental responsibility with a commitment to achieving 100% deliveries through electric vehicles (EVs) by 2033. This initiative is part of a broader goal to achieve net zero emissions across the entire food ordering and delivery value chain within the next twelve years.

The company has outlined its sustainability roadmap, detailing plans to render all food delivery orders plastic-neutral through voluntary recycling measures. Zomato aims to deliver 100 million plastic-free food orders by 2025, underlining its dedication to reducing the environmental impact of its operations.

Ramesh Krishnamurthi, Additional Secretary at the Ministry of Labour and Employment, praised Zomato and other platforms for aligning with the government’s push towards EV adoption. He acknowledged, “From a sustainability perspective, the government’s push towards EV adoption has received a commitment by platforms, including Zomato, that is looking at facilitating 100 per cent deliveries through EVs leading to net zero emissions across the food ordering and delivery value chain by 2033.”


In addition to its environmental commitments, Zomato has emphasized its focus on supporting gig workers. The company aims to enhance the earning and saving capacity of one million gig workers through initiatives like upskilling programs, partnerships, and benefit programs. Rakesh Ranjan, CEO – Food Delivery at Zomato, emphasized the transformative impact of gig work on livelihoods in India, stating, “Over the years, gig work has democratised access to livelihoods by reducing entry barriers and providing improved income prospects for lakhs of people in India.”

As part of its broader sustainability goals, Zomato plans to develop food ordering and delivery solutions tailored for the next billion customers, emphasizing affordability, accessibility, assortment, and quality. The company has also pledged support for the growth of 300,000 micro, small, and medium restaurant businesses and food entrepreneurs. Additionally, Zomato aims to introduce health and safety knowledge and innovations to its restaurant partners.