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Zinc Kaushal Kendra Youth towards a bright future with Group Placements

Zinc Kaushal Kendra

Zinc Kaushal Kendra Youth Placements

Udaipur (India CSR): As part of its Zinc Kaushal Kendra initiative, Hindustan Zinc put 106 young people with recognized businesses in the food and beverage, security, retail, hospitality, and general management sectors. The Zinc Kaushal Kendra initiative is dedicated to provide opportunity for unemployed adolescents to obtain stable employment and upskill.

Out of 106, 15 general duty assistant trainees were hired by the 5s Digital call centre, 15 customer relationship management trainees were hired by the Indore SRJ-CBCC cancer care hospital, and the remaining 6 were placed at a Pantaloon retail outlet. 39 security trainees were placed at the Rajeev Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad as unarmed security guards. Additionally, Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd. has engaged a group of 21 apprentice assistant electricians.

Zinc Kaushal Kendra

In addition to group placements, the first class of 13 hearing and speech challenged students from Zinc Kaushal Kendra, which graduated in September, received 100% placement in the hotel and retail industries. The programme has so far had a beneficial effect on 3800 trainees from the localities of Zawar, Dariba, Kayad, Chanderiya, Debari, Pantnagar, and Agucha by giving them chances to become independent and self-sufficient and by helping them to gain skills that are important to the industry. Additionally, it has been effective in hiring more than 3200 young people into respectable organizations or assisting them in starting their own businesses.

Through its Zinc Kaushal Kendra initiative, Hindustan Zinc, a Vedanta Group company, targets young adults between the ages of 18 and 35, including school dropouts, unemployed youth, and those looking to upgrade their skills. It also supports the entrepreneurial spirit of the local youth by giving them technical assistance and non-financial assistance when starting a business.