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Zetwerk acquires US-based Unimacts at a valuation of $39 mn


Zetwerk acquires Unimacts

Zetwerk, a B2B marketplace for manufacturing services, has purchased Unimacts, a US-based provider of industrial manufacturing services, for an estimated $39 million. With this change, the unicorn firm will be able to broaden its offers, increase its presence in the Indian and Vietnamese markets, expand its operations internationally, and gain access to the solar and wind energy consumers of Unimacts. The Unimacts team’s Matthew Arnold, Andrew Woglom, and Alan Hays will join the Zetwerk team as part of the acquisition, bringing the total number of employees to 1,900.

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“This acquisition will significantly increase our market share in North America and set up Zetwerk for future growth. Amrit Acharya, founder and CEO of Zetwerk, expressed his excitement about ushering in a new era of intelligent manufacturing for his company’s clients, partners, and the environment. By the conclusion of FY23, Zetwerk hopes to reach $1 billion in sales. Zetwerk also acquired three other Indian businesses this year, including Pinaka Aerospace, Sharp Tanks, and Wheels India. This acquisition marks Zetwerk’s first overseas purchase.

According to Matthew Arnold, CEO of Unimacts, “for the past ten years, we have been trying to develop our global supply chain and contract manufacturing companies to better service customers throughout North America and Western Europe.” “Partnering with Zetwerk will enable us to accelerate our expansion and worldwide reach and provide our customers with more complete solutions,” he continued. The recent Inflation Reduction Act and $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill position the US solar and wind energy industries for major expansion. Arnold stated that they are eager to take advantage of this relationship to enter this industry.