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WPP India Foundation bags CSR Foundation of the Year Award

WPP India Foundation

WPP India Foundation Wins ‘CSR Foundation of the Year’

At the prestigious CSR Impact Awards, which were co-hosted by CSRBOX and the Dalmia Bharat Foundation, the WPP India Foundation was presented with the title of “CSR Foundation of the Year” today. Honorable State Minister of Finance for the Government of India, Dr. Bhagwat Karad Ji, was present at the occasion.

The CSR Impact Awards, which are a component of the India CSR Summit, the largest forum on the subject in South Asia, encourage businesses, foundations, and CSR-implementing organizations to deliver high-impact projects and take a multi-stakeholder approach, producing the best project results.

The WPP India Foundation was named CSR Foundation of the Year after a rigorous two-round evaluation process that looked at a variety of metrics, including project change, impact numbers, sustainability, innovation, and implementation methods. This victory follows the WPP India Foundation’s 2018 CSR Impact Awards victory for “Best CSR Impact Practices.”

WPP India Foundation

The Education to Livelihood (E2L) programme of the WPP India Foundation seeks to improve the lives of participants aged 11 to 18 through educational, livelihood, social, and health interventions.

Several instances include:

EDUCATION: To boost academic performance, the programme offers spoken English sessions. The program’s initial impact studies revealed that students’ English literacy test scores increased by 70%, with a 96% total pass rate among partner schools in 2022. In addition, WPP separately created and implemented its digital learning programme to give participating kids new skills in robotics, coding, 3D modelling, and other related fields. The participants’ capacity for coding doubled as a result of the intervention. In this program, more than 60% of the girls said they are once again interested in pursuing a career in computing.

LIVELIHOOD: WPP developed the Vocational Skills and Livelihood Training Programme to aid in preparing youngsters with vocational skills. WPP was able to do this by giving participants the self-assurance, communication, and presentation skills necessary to get job. To date, the Foundation has helped over 1,000 students find jobs, get better jobs, or start their own businesses. Additionally, more than 200 kids have received training in job readiness skills, which will help them maintain employment. 60% of these kids have either received an industrial placement or will continue their education.

SOCIAL: The programme added modules to promote equality through dance, music, and sports in order to prevent participants’ development from being inhibited by social-norm-related discrimination about gender and caste. By doing this, WPP contributed to a 3% and 5% decrease in caste- and gender-based prejudice, respectively.

HEALTH: Throughout the participating schools, the programme has implemented health education sessions as well as interventions for anaemia, oral health, and eye screenings.

“Since its founding in 2015, the WPP India Foundation has proudly opened doors to education, employment, and better health standards for over 15,000 first-generation learners aged 11 to 18 across 10 underserved government-aided schools throughout Mumbai, Delhi NCR, and Haridwar,” said Rama Iyer, director general of the WPP India Foundation, accepting the award. As a result, the Foundation has increased participant coding skills by two times, reduced dropout rates to under 5%, and helped over 60% of youth guarantee their future through work or higher education. I am honoured to receive the award in appreciation of the significant contributions to society made by the WPP India Foundation, a cause the Foundation is dedicated to pursuing going forward.

WPP’s country manager for India, CVL Srinivas, continued, “As the creative transformation company, WPP is committed to harnessing the power of creativity to create better futures for our clients, communities, and the world. Our goal statement is embodied by the WPP India Foundation. The team’s dedication to building a better future for our community as a whole is demonstrated by this award and the 15,000 lives that the Foundation has improved. I’ve never been more proud. For this honour, we are grateful to CSRBOX and the Dalmia Bharat Foundation.