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World’s first AI Lawyer to defend human client in US Court

AI Lawyer

World’s 1st AI Lawyer to defend human client

Artificial intelligence will soon be used in court cases. In two cases involving speeding, the first “robot lawyer (AI Lawyer)” in the world will offer defendants in the United States of America legal counsel.

The defendants in two speeding ticket cases will receive legal instruction from US-based startup DoNotPay, which advertises itself as “the world’s first robot lawyer,” in court the following month. After listening to the court proceedings, an AI running on a smartphone will coach the defendants on how to reply through an earphone.

According to New Scientist, DoNotPay’s strategy involves having the defendants wear Bluetooth-enabled earpieces in court, most likely AirPods or hearing aids, and having an AI whisper instructions on what to say in the defendants’ ears.

There has been no mention of the defendant’s location or identity.

AI Lawyer

According to CEO and founder Joshua Browder, “the law is nearly like code and language mixed, so it’s the perfect use case for AI.” “In my opinion, this offers GPT and large language model technology the most promise.”

In response to the US Supreme Court’s ban on using electronic devices in court while the hearing is in session, Browder tweeted yesterday.

He tweeted, “DoNotPay will pay any attorney or person $1,000,000 with an upcoming case before the US Supreme Court to wear AirPods and let our robot lawyer argue the case by repeating exactly what it says.”

“Next month, we will have cases in municipal (traffic) court. But detractors would argue that traffic court is too straightforward for GPT. Therefore, we are making this serious offer, subject to a formal agreement and compliance with all rules “he continued.