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Women and Youth Empowerment are key to rising India and its economy – Tejasvi Surya

Women and Youth Empowerment

Women and Youth Empowerment are key to rising India and nations economy

Women and Youth Empowerment – New Delhi: Empowering women and youth in the country and catalyzing their engagement in the country’s and economy’s development will be critical and advantageous to the emerging India. 
The nation is on its way to becoming a growing India by promoting and boosting women’s development across all critical areas, with a focus on entrepreneurship, education, and employment. “Educating women and providing financial independence to women are key to women entrepreneurship,” said Mr Tejasvi Surya, National President, Bhartiya Janta Party Yuva Morcha (BJYM) and Member of Parliament (MP), during an interaction titled “India Rising” hosted by FICCI Ladies Organization (FLO), the women’s business wing of the trade body FICCI. 
“Women-led entrepreneurship is one of the vehicles for achieving a more equitable society. As more women enter the workforce, it acts as a catalyst for socioeconomic revolution by improving women’s agency and position.” Women lead some of the most well-known and ground-breaking companies in the payment ecosystem, travel, cosmetics, clothes, and ecommerce industries.” Mr Surya stated. 
“The current Union government has taken tremendous measures towards women empowerment by providing access to restrooms, clean cooking gas, and a banking system through the Jandhan Yojna. As part of its efforts, the Bhartiya Janta Party Yuva Morcha (BYJM) currently has the highest number of female achievers and aspiring leaders in its executive team. “BYJM will be holding a national conference shortly to further support women leadership,” Mr Surya stated.

Women and Youth Empowerment

“The Indian economy has been suffering for decades as a result of dynasty politics at the center and in the states; it must be ended since it is the greatest impediment to fresh ideas and entrepreneurship. Because the dynasties were severely disturbed by fresh arrivals in politics and business, it never permitted competition and actively discouraged entrepreneurship. The country is currently undergoing cultural and behavioral changes, and the Union cabinet currently has the highest number of women. “Women are on top in athletics, sports, and education,” he added. 
For the past 38 years, the FICCI Ladies Organization (FLO) has been a driving force behind women’s economic empowerment and entrepreneurship promotion. This year’s FLO vision is “Transforming Women’s Participation in India’s Growth Trajectory,” with a special emphasis on women’s participation. The FLO will focus on the nation’s gender inclusive growth story by amplifying women’s voices and boosting their engagement, which is critical for India to continue to rise and shine. On the occasion, Ms Jayanti Dalmia, the newly elected President of the FICCI Ladies Organization (FLO), said. 
In India, there are 432 million working-age women, 343 million of them are employed in the unorganized sector. Our role and actions will be important in achieving the aim of women’s empowerment in this area. The pandemic’s impact is so great that it has the potential to undo recent progress on gender equality and women’s rights. 

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