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Witzeal launches CSR initiative with Literacy India to enhance digital education amongst underserved children


Witzeal – CSR initiative with Literacy India

Witzeal Technologies, one of the leading online gaming companies, has partnered with Literacy India with a vision to bring digital education to underprivileged children. Through this association, Witzeal will continue to support her GyanTantra (Interactive Educational Innovation) of Literacy India by granting his INR of over Rs.9 million and helping build a solid academic foundation.

Driven by the goals of increasing literacy and ensuring  quality education, Witzeal recently awarded INR 25000000 in financial support by offering scholarships in partnership with Literacy India, Mother’s Academy and Asha Classes. was expanded.

Witzeal is committed to the betterment of society and last year partnered with Literacy India by donating over Rs 70 crore to the fund and is working with Literacy India again to provide a comprehensive suite of digital solutions. This initiative will enable the organization to reach out to more students in rural and underdeveloped areas

Commenting on the initiative, Ankur Singh, Founder and CEO of Witzeal Technologies said, “We are honored to continue to be a part of Literacy India’s mission to provide access to digital education to the less affluent and support the government’s mission. Digital India after a fruitful collaboration last year. We believe that education is the key to unlocking the potential of individuals and the key to a better life. As the visibility of digital literacy grows, we are committed to contributing to the success of this initiative. Through this partnership. , we hopes to improve the lives of many people and make digital education more accessible to all.


The collaboration between Witzeal and Literacy India is an important step towards the government’s goal of raising the bar for digital education in India. Gyantantra is an innovative, interactive and multimedia learning approach that addresses learning deficits prevalent in early childhood schools in India in a cost-effective and scalable manner.

Also, women staff at Witzeal are celebrating International Women’s Day to celebrate girls’ education by organizing a special informative lecture series related to Literacy India. During the session, female students were guided on the importance of building a promising career. Witzeal also collaborated with the Rotary Club and the Jila Kushti organization to develop health and sports infrastructure for the underprivileged. With such initiatives and collaborations, Witzeal hopes to continue to positively promote child welfare in India through education.