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Wipro allows over 30,000 employees to unionize in Europe


Wipro allows over 30,000 employees to come together

Wipro, the largest Indian IT firm, is the first to permit roughly 30,000 of its staff members who are based in Europe to organize unions. A compromise was made between labour leaders and the global provider of IT services to create a European Works Council (EWC).

According to Deepak Parija, Senior Vice President and CHRO of Wipro’s Europe division, this was a step toward putting European employment standards into practice.

As a responsible global employer, Wipro is applying and adopting European employment norms, according to EWS, he argued.

The fact that employees asked for permission to form a union in 2019 and that European regulations require enterprises to reply to such petitions within three years of receiving them is significant.

“The EWC will aid us in getting even better as we include employee ideas on a regular basis,” the CHRO of Wipro’s Europe branch continued.


The company revealed the EWC agreement in a statement. It was negotiated with employee representatives from 13 different countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden, and Finland.

The IT/ITeS services provider also said that the union’s first constitutional meeting will be in Q1 FY 2024 after the EWS members had been appointed in accordance with local laws. Members will be expected to choose a chairman and committee members during this meeting. The union would also be in charge of ensuring that management informs Wipro employees of any significant decisions that might have an effect on them as well as company developments.

It’s interesting to note that the company spent Rs 136 crore on restructuring from July to September of the 2022–23 fiscal year to solve inefficiencies in Europe.