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WhatsApp to include Instagram feature soon

WhatsApp to include

WhatsApp to include a feature from Instagram

WhatsApp to include – WhatsApp is rumored to be working on a new feature that will make the messaging app resemble Instagram in appearance and functionality. Users of the Meta-owned messaging platform may soon be able to see other people’s status changes directly from the chat list. This functionality will work in the same way that Instagram users may view other people’s Stories right from their messaging list. 
When searching for conversations and messages, WABetaInfo obtained screenshots showing how status changes published by one person can be seen by others immediately inside the chat list. When the feature is available, a user can start a conversation by clicking on the chat cell. If you click on the profile photo (with the green “status rings”), you’ll see the status and any future updates.

WhatsApp to include Instagram’s Feature

This feature will also allow users to view people’s updates without having to go to the ‘Status’ tab. WhatsApp’s Status updates work similarly to Instagram’s Stories, however the former isn’t as popular because users must go to another tab to access them. Users can view other people’s stories immediately from their timeline on Instagram. If and when the new functionality is implemented, it may encourage users to view Status updates more frequently. 
WABetaInfo shared a screenshot from a future version of WhatsApp Desktop. When WhatsApp makes this public, though, it will be available for both iOS and Android. It’s unclear when WhatsApp will implement this, or if it will at all, given that it’s still in the works. 
WhatsApp has recently rolled out a slew of new features for users, including the ability to silence specific people during voice and video calls, as well as the ability to hide particular contacts’ profile pic, status, and last seen.