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Wakefit.co employees can now take time off for wellness, without questions


Wakefit.co employees can take time off for wellness

Wakefit.co, an Indian D2C startup, has implemented a “No Questions Asked” Wellness Leave Policy for its staff. Every month, all employees are given a no-questions-asked leave under the wellness leave policy.

Wakefit claims that employees can use these wellness leaves to boost their physical, mental, or emotional well-being by taking time off to relax and recharge. The staff members can choose to engage in leisurely activities while on wellness leaves. Wakefit.co stated that their project aims to empower its workers by fostering a wellness-positive culture that contributes to their overall growth and development and promotes healthy conversations.


According to Wakefit, the Employee Wellness Leave Policy will be a pillar in assisting their staff in enhancing their general health while giving priority to their intangible needs. The company’s effort to include occupational wellness into the very fabric of their organizational structure is supported by this policy.

Wakefit.co’s ultimate goal, according to Umanath Nayak, Head of HR, has been to foster a culture that encourages innovation and cooperation while enhancing the overall wellbeing of its employees. Our Employee Wellness Leave Policy has been developed with the desire to uphold this ethos and continue creating an environment that offers our employees the freedom to be, the ability to grow, and the chance to attain their fullest potential, according to Nayak.

According to a British Airways survey from 2018, about 30% of Indian workers lack the confidence to request time off because they feel that taking vacations will be looked down upon or discouraged at work.