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Vipla Foundation and Allcargo Logistics launch helpline for kids with hearing deficiency

Vipla Foundation

Vipla Foundation and Allcargo Logistics launch help line

Mumbai, Maharashtra: Vipla Foundation and Allcargo Logistics have joined forces to launch the DialforDhvani missed call helpline number, which aims to provide early identification and intervention services as well as related consultations to parents of young children with hearing loss in particular as well as to the general public. Allcargo Logistics is India’s largest integrated, end-to-end logistics solutions provider. 
Arathi Shetty, Non-Executive Director, Allcargo Logistics, who leads the company’s CSR activities, officially presented the DialforDhvani missed call helpline number, 022-49393333, at a recent event in Mumbai. The Padma Shri Dr. Milind Kirtane, Senior ENT Surgeon, Pramod Nigudkar, Chief Executive Officer, Vipla Foundation, Namita Shinde, Child Development and Protection Officer, Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), Trombay, and Yashvant Kasture, parent of Gaurang Kasture, a Dhvani beneficiary, were among the dignitaries who attended the launch event.

Inaugurating the DailforDhwani helpline was Non-Executive Director of Allcargo Logistics, Aarthi Shetty. 
Parents, guardians, community volunteers, and people in general are encouraged to call the DialforDhvani missed call helpline for consultations and early intervention advice for kids who may have hearing deficiencies. When a call is missed, a Vipla Foundation specialist contacts the caller to find out whether a child needs to have a hearing test. Additionally, they offer advice on the Dhvani Intervention Programme, which offers free speech therapy, audiological screenings, and other services to help young children get ready for school. The helpline provides follow-ups for families living outside the Mumbai region as well as neighbouring recommendations for consultations across India. 
Arathi Shetty, Non-Executive Director of Allcargo Logistics, commented on the project: “We are proud to partner with Vipla Foundation to launch the helpline number for building awareness towards prompt diagnosis and treatment of hearing deficiency among infants and toddlers in addition to providing people with early intervention consultations. The partnership demonstrates our dedication to providing future generations with an equitable learning opportunity by giving individuals the chance to identify and treat childhood hearing loss through a community-driven screening project. By making universal hearing screening accessible, DialforDhvani seeks to prevent avoidable hearing impairment in children in accordance with the government’s National Programme for Prevention and Control of Deafness (NPPCD), and we’ll keep collaborating with Vipla Foundation on this admirable goal.

Vipla Foundation

Pramod Nigudkar, CEO of the Vipla Foundation, commented on the partnership, saying, “Our mission has always been to raise awareness about identifying hearing loss in children and prompt interventions at an early stage so that sensory deficit doesn’t affect their emotional health, academic progress, self-respect, and social life. We appreciate Allcargo Logistics’ support in helping DialforDhvani create its missed call hotline. We appreciate ICDS providing further help for the project. The greatest source of inspiration for us has been our recipients. With the DialforDhvani helpline, we hope to change the way that hearing impairment in children is thought of and to make consultations and early intervention available to everyone. 
Dhvani Intervention Center was established in 2010 by Vipla Foundation (previously Save The Children India). With cutting-edge equipment, the centre has been providing a comprehensive programme for the early detection and intervention of hearing loss in children. 

Allcargo Logistics

The CSR division of Allcargo Logistics, Avashya Foundation, has been working on development projects in a variety of its priority areas, including the environment, skill development, education, disaster relief, healthcare, sports, and women’s empowerment. It seeks to eliminate social and economic disparities and provide a sustainable future for future generations. Avashya Foundation is actively working in sectors such as education, environment, health, women’s empowerment, disaster relief, and sports in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and government initiatives like Swachh Bharat, Digital India, and Skill India. It has so far impacted more than 500,000 lives and is driven by the goal of implementing people-centric development.