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Vedanta BALCO Restores Check Dam to Promote Sustainable Water Management in Rural India

Vedanta BALCO

Vedanta BALCO – Check Dam to Promote Sustainable Water Management

Balconagar; 23rd March 2023: Bharat Aluminium Company Limited (Vedanta BALCO), India’s iconic aluminium producer and a subsidiary of Vedanta Aluminium, has taken a significant step towards promoting sustainable water management practices in the rural areas surrounding its operations. In a recent initiative, BALCO employees and community members came together to restore a check dam in Dondro village, located near the company’s operational vicinity.

The check dam, built by BALCO in 2016, had accumulated a substantial amount of silt over time, reducing its water holding capacity. More than 50 employees and community members participated in the restoration process, removing the silt from the catchment area of the dam. The restoration of the dam’s water holding capacity will benefit more than 100 farmers, enabling them to secure water for the second and third cropping season, and also help in recharging adjacent water structures.

Vedanta BALCO

The check dam, with a whopping storage capacity of around 60 lakh liters, is the first of many such structures that BALCO plans to restore in the coming months. This initiative will help farmers in the region to produce better crop yields and boost their income, by ensuring a reliable water supply for irrigation during the summer months.

BALCO has already created over 150 water structures in the region, which have benefited around 20 neighboring villages by enabling the farmers to harvest more than one crop in a year. These structures have also contributed to increasing soil moisture content and maintaining groundwater levels, thereby positively impacting the agricultural ecosystem in the region.

In addition to the restoration of the check dam, BALCO has been celebrating Water Week on the occasion of World Water Day, by organizing a series of initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable water management practices. These include the ‘Water Leakage Spotting Superhero’ campaign, BALCO Talks on water management, and competitions such as slogan writing and poster making. These events have generated awareness among employees and the local community about the importance of conserving water resources and adopting sustainable practices in their daily lives. BALCO remains committed to promoting water conservation and management practices in the regions where it operates.