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Twitter CoTweets – Twitter starts its version testing of collab posts feature

Twitter CoTweets

Twitter CoTweets – Collab Post Feature of Twitter’

Twitter CoTweets, Twitter’s own take on collaborative contributions, have begun testing. Co-authoring tweets will now be possible for users of the microblogging service thanks to this feature. Twitter has granted CoTweets access to a few accounts in the US, Canada, and Korea during its testing period. Twitter stated that the test will run for a brief period of time because it wants to understand how users interact with this functionality. 
A Twitter representative told TechCrunch that the company is interested in finding out how users and businesses can expand, reach new audiences, and improve their relationships with other accounts by using the Twitter CoTweets function. 
A pop-up inviting users to “tweet together with Twitter CoTweets” will show in the tweet composer for accounts that have access to the CoTweets feature. You can invite another account (users or brands) to share ownership of a tweet with them if you see this pop-up. If the invited party agrees, a CoTweet that lists both accounts as co-authors can be made.

They will be given the option to accept or reject the invitation once you share a CoTweet invitation with another account. Additionally, you can send CoTweet requests to accounts you follow that are public accounts and limit the number of writers on a CoTweet header to two. Additionally, you can invite just one co-author per CoTweet.

Twitter CoTweets

Twitter further clarified that you can withdraw a CoTweet once it has been published if you accept a CoTweet invitation but later decide against it or decide you no longer want to co-author that tweet. After that, the author who originally issued you the invitation will only continue to post this tweet on a regular basis. 
The company wants to see how users are utilizing this short-term test feature before making further adjustments and bringing CoTweets to a wider audience. It’s also possible, as Twitter has stated, that after this trial period, the service will be turned off and any Twitter CoTweets previously published will be deleted. 
Alessandro Paluzzi, a mobile developer, discovered from the app’s code in December 2021 that Twitter was developing a Twitter CoTweets feature. According to TechCrunch, a feature like this shows that Twitter is looking for new ways to utilise the service that go “beyond just a virtual town square or real-time news network.” Similar to how it is on Instagram, a tool like this will be useful to creators on the network. 

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