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With Tree Mittra App, Tata Power invites citizens to be climate action ambassadors

Tree Mittra App, Tata Power

Tata Power’s invites citizens to be climate action ambassadors with Tree Mittra App

Tree Mittra App – On the occasion of the International Day of Education, Tata Power unveils its ‘Tree Mittra App’ as part of its commitment to #DoGreen and contribute to the collective well-being of our shared home – planet Earth. The United Nations declared the day in 2018 to honour the role of education in promoting global peace and sustainable development. The company hopes to highlight the strength of individual potential to safeguard Mother Earth through sustainable acts and inspire biodiversity champions to create a greener tomorrow with this one-of-a-kind campaign. 
The free, non-profit software was established with the goal of raising awareness about the value of biodiversity in India by providing people with a beautiful 52-picture desktop calendar, each image telling the storey of a distinct Indian tree. With just a few clicks on their smartphone, each individual may become a true Tree Mittra, as the company has vowed to plant a sapling near its operational facilities in India for each app download. 
Tata Power supports many projects and environmentally-friendly practices to motivate and involve its workers, customers, and stakeholders as India’s largest integrated power company focused on action leadership toward being a green and sustainable energy brand. 
Apart from making a significant contribution to the afforestation agenda, the app provides access to unique tree information and raises awareness about the importance of green environmental practices, all while promoting sustainability messaging through visually appealing wallpapers that will be updated weekly in the background of mobile screens. 

Tree Mitra App

Another major effort in Tata Power’s biodiversity conservation and restoration path is the ‘Tree Mittra‘ app. Tata Power has been undertaking a unique plantation push for the past 40 years under the ‘Tree Mittra‘ umbrella programme, which invites employees and their families to adopt a tree, plant it, and nurture its growth. Over the course of this time, more than 100 lakh saplings have been planted across the group’s many locations in Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Gujarat, and Karnataka. 
With such a diverse range of flora and fauna around its working areas in the Western Ghats and other parts of India, the corporation has taken significant initiatives towards biodiversity protection throughout the years. The company’s multi-award-winning Walwhan gardens in Lonavala, Maharashtra, and the 50-year-old ‘Act for Mahseer‘ Program are testaments to the bigger cause. 
Tata Power is dedicated to helping the environment by pursuing sustainable and responsible business methods. It is the country’s first power company to pledge to “Carbon Neutrality before 2045” and the first Indian utility to collaborate with WBCSD and ten other global power businesses to produce the first SDG roadmap for power utilities. It has also devised a detailed plan for achieving Water Neutrality and Zero Waste. 
The company hopes to achieve maximum reach for the effort by making the Tree Mittra App available for free download, raising awareness and motivating additional climate-action champions to join the cause. 

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