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Imparting training to upskill women from less privileged backgrounds

training to upskill women

Training to upskill women – It is critical to remember that effective education entails not only acquiring knowledge but also developing necessary skills for personal and professional development. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 seeks to provide all people with inclusive and equitable quality education, with a focus on lifelong learning opportunities. Skill development is a critical component of this goal, as it allows individuals to gain the skills and information required to flourish in their chosen industries. 

It is wonderful to see companies such as Apollo MedSkills play an important role in achieving this goal by providing complete and holistic learning experiences to healthcare professionals, creating countless career opportunities, and assisting them in excelling in their professions. 

Apollo MedSkills is a unique way to training healthcare professionals. They provide a variety of Up-Skilling training programs for Doctors and Nursing Professionals, as well as Skill Programs for Paramedics and Hospital Support Staff. They are committed to developing exceptional healthcare workers and offer over 53 courses. They intend to open 47 training centers in India to train over 400,000 individuals. 

It’s encouraging to see groups like Apollo MedSkills make a difference in India’s healthcare education scene. By educating healthcare workers with globally in-demand skills, they are giving them with the information and competence they need to flourish in a variety of professions. 

Training to upskill women

In this context, it is especially encouraging to learn that they have trained 500 women in Delhi since 2018, allowing them to provide personalized care for geriatric patients, prompt and standardized care for all patients, primary care for patients of all ages, and emergency medical support and care for critically ill or injured individuals. It’s inspiring to see how Apollo MedSkills makes sure that its training programs reach as many people as possible. 

Their outreach initiatives, such as distributing flyers in rural and slum areas, meeting with social workers, NGOs, and coaching institutes, distributing flyers in local newspapers, organizing canopy activities near local markets and public places, and launching social media campaigns, demonstrate their commitment to providing students with comprehensive and holistic learning experiences. It’s very encouraging to see that they give customised student introduction programs, which construct specific files for each student and provide specialized grooming sessions to improve their presentation skills. 

It’s especially encouraging to see that their programme has achieved over 100% placement for trained individuals, with about 77% gaining work prospects.

Finally, it is encouraging to learn that Apollo MedSkills is having a good impact on the healthcare education scene in India. Their novel approach to healthcare education has enabled Indian healthcare professionals to advance their careers and fulfill the worldwide need for specialized services. This has resulted in a significant improvement in the quality of healthcare in India, as well as several job prospects.