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Top CSR Initiatives in Ayodhya

CSR Initiatives in Ayodhya

Top CSR Initiatives in Ayodhya – Ayodhya, nestled along the banks of the sacred Sarayu River in Uttar Pradesh, has long been a city of historical, mythological, and cultural significance. The recent inauguration of the Ram Mandir marks a significant chapter in Ayodhya’s evolution, potentially turning it into a global religious tourism hub.

The resolution of the Ayodhya dispute has paved the way for the construction of the Ram Mandir, carrying immense cultural importance. The temple, hailed as an architectural marvel, showcases intricate designs reflecting India’s rich artistic traditions. Ayodhya, in this new phase, is poised to attract tourists beyond religious affiliations, drawing those interested in history and architecture.

In the fiscal year 2021-22, Ayodhya emerged as the twelfth largest recipient of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds in Uttar Pradesh, emphasizing a commitment to community development and welfare. The district secured Rs. 20.45 Crores through CSR initiatives from 27 companies, with a strategic focus on education, health, and gender equality. Educational initiatives received Rs. 13.85 Crores, healthcare programs Rs. 4.47 Crores, and gender equality initiatives Rs. 1.18 Crores.

Top CSR Initiatives in Ayodhya

  • ITC

On the occasion of the Ram Mandir inauguration, ITC’s Mission Sunhera Kal has collaborated with Ayodhya Nagar Nigam to launch the Swachh ‘Teerth’ campaign. This initiative involves distributing over 1,000 dustbins made of recycled plastic to local vendors and installing 200 Plastic Collection Boxes at different locations. Over 200 volunteers have been trained for waste monitoring, with plans for composters and bio-gas units in the coming months.

  • Bisleri

Bisleri Greener Promise, the sustainability initiative of Bisleri International Pvt Ltd, has initiated a plastic recycling program in collaboration with local authorities. Around 200+ recycling bins will be placed around a 5-kilometer stretch near the Ayodhya Ram Mandir. Large bins strategically placed closer to the temple will ensure efficient waste disposal from devotees, and a team of workers will actively manage waste segregation and disposal.

  • Lodha Group

Lodha Ventures Foundation (LVF), the charity arm of the Abhinandan Lodha Group, launched the ‘Smart Class’ educational program for over 400 students from Grades 1 to 9 at Composite School in Ayodhya’s Tihura Majha. The program, aimed at enhancing early developmental learning skills, was inaugurated on March 3, 2023. LVF aims to uplift society by providing quality education to children in rural government schools.

As Ayodhya steps into this new era, these CSR initiatives from prominent companies underscore the importance of sustainable development and community welfare, aligning with the city’s newfound status as a global religious tourism destination.