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Top Companies for CSR and Sustainability in 2023

Top Companies for CSR

Top Companies for CSR

Reliance Industries Limited 

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has topped The CSR Journal’s list for its extensive CSR initiatives in India in 2023. 

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) shows a continuous commitment to the development of dynamic communities, underpinned by a strong philosophy of valuing the wellbeing of others. The Board-level CSR & Governance Committee oversees the company’s CSR policy, which was developed in compliance with the Companies Act 2013. This policy not only identifies key developmental emphasis areas, but also governance mechanisms for program budgets, beneficiary outreach, and impact monitoring.  

The Reliance Foundation’s commitment to women’s empowerment is manifested through projects such as DRIWE, economic development agencies, and the WomenConnect Challenge India. The organization commemorates and promotes women’s accomplishments by publishing books such as “The First Responders” and “Access, Aspirations, and Agency.” 

Disaster management is an important component of the Reliance Foundation’s CSR operations. The proactive, technology-driven, and long-term approach focuses on strengthening communities, lowering disaster risks, and empowering local decision-making. 

Finally, the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre exemplifies the foundation’s commitment to preserving and promoting Indian art, culture, and legacy. Reliance Foundation brings Indian art and culture to a global scale through events such as ‘Swadesh’ and ‘Bolava Vitthal,’ contributing to cultural enrichment. 

SBI Limited 

The Reliance Foundation’s commitment to women’s empowerment may be seen in projects like DRIWE, economic development agencies, and the WomenConnect Challenge India. The group honors and promotes women’s achievements through the publication of books such as “The First Responders” and “Access, Aspirations, and Agency.” 

Disaster management is a key component of the CSR efforts of the Reliance Foundation. The proactive, technology-driven, long-term approach focuses on community strengthening, disaster risk reduction, and empowering local decision-making. 

Finally, the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre illustrates the foundation’s dedication to the preservation and promotion of Indian art, culture, and heritage. Through events such as ‘Swadesh’ and ‘Bolava Vitthal,’ the Reliance Foundation presents Indian art and culture to a global audience, contributing to cultural enrichment.

SBI enthusiastically participated in the Har Ghar Tiranga effort to conserve national heritage by providing flags to impoverished parts of society. The bank donated 73.19 crore to the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) to help the restoration and rehabilitation of heritage buildings in Connaught Place, New Delhi. 

The bank was equally committed to cleanliness and hygiene, taking part in the Government of India’s Swacchhata Pakhwada campaign. Various initiatives, like as neighborhood cleanups, beach cleaning, jute bag distribution, and toilet construction, were carried out around the country during specified months, demonstrating SBI’s commitment to social responsibility. 

ITC Limited 

By incorporating environmental and social issues into its business practices, ITC Limited has won the third spot on The CSR Journal’s list of best businesses for CSR in India in 2023. 

CSR efforts of ITC Limited are deliberately focused on important areas to encourage holistic development in specified operational locations. The company created interventions to address major difficulties encountered by stakeholder groups. Efforts were undertaken to empower women, help the poor and underprivileged populations, and improve the Human Development Index (HDI). 

ITC focused on participatory planning, ownership, and sustainability in all project catchments to promote community-based organizations. The development agenda focused behavioral change, emphasizing intervention demand generation and encouraging community engagement, contribution, and asset building. 

The Two Horizon strategy was at the heart of ITC’s Social Investments Programme, which aimed for inclusive growth and comprehensive development. The program emphasized earning a living and developing skills for a better future. 

ITC’s CSR initiatives spread over 27 states/union territories, encompassing over 300 districts. Among the notable initiatives were: 

Health and Nutrition: Programs aimed at increasing awareness and improving health and nutrition status, with about 5.6 lakh beneficiaries. 

– Waste Management: ITC wanted to develop scalable waste management models that would ensure zero waste to landfills. 

– ITC Sangeet Research institution: The institution has worked to conserve and spread Hindustani Classical Music by fostering bright students through intensive instruction. 

ITC’s CSR projects demonstrated a comprehensive approach to addressing diverse social and environmental concerns, notably contributing to long-term development. 

Hero Motocorp 

Hero MotoCorp, a leader in the automotive business, has been ranked fourth on The CSR Journal’s list of best companies for CSR in India in 2023, with its CSR initiatives focused on education, healthcare, and skill development. 

In its dedication to CSR, Hero MotoCorp has actively participated in a variety of activities to solve environmental problems, promote renewable energy, and contribute to community development. In terms of biodiversity conservation, the firm launched ‘Project Nurturing and Protection of Biodiversity,’ which focuses on large-scale forest protection, conservation, and restoration, as well as the establishment of biodiversity parks. 

Hero MotoCorp contributed to the conservation of the Aravali Biodiversity Park in Gurugram, Haryana, as part of this project. The company planted hundreds of seedlings of new species and worked on restoration projects, highlighting the necessity of biodiversity preservation, tackling global warming, and raising environmental consciousness.  

Hero MotoCorp focused its efforts on fostering renewable energy in its pursuit of sustainable practices. Recognizing the environmental consequences of using fossil fuels to generate electricity, the corporation set aside CSR funds to boost the amount of renewable energy sources. The ‘Promotion of Renewable Energy Project’ was largely concerned with the building of solar power plants in rural areas, particularly in government-run institutions such as schools and health clinics. 

JSW Steel  

JSW Steel is devoted to sustainable development, ranking fifth on The CSR Journal’s list of top CSR firms in India in 2023. 

In accordance with the company’s philosophy of ‘Better Every Day,’ JSW Steel carefully fulfilled its responsibility to communities, people, and society. JSW Foundation carried out the company’s social development activities, with the goal of bringing significant and sustainable change to communities in Direct Influence Zones and Indirect Influence Zones throughout eight cause areas. 

To achieve better results in the local context, JSW Foundation used a SAMMS approach—Strategic, Aligned, Multi-stakeholder, Measurable, and Sustainable. The treatments focused on harnessing long-standing community trust and engagement to establish a self-sustaining ecosystem of well-being. 

JSW Steel has regularly grown their CSR spending over the last six fiscal years. Annual CSR expenditure increased from 753 crore in FY 2017-18 to 291 crore in FY 2022-23. In the most recent fiscal year, the corporation spent 243 crore on CSR, with the remaining 48 crore deposited in an escrow account for specific projects. 

Godrej Consumer Products 

Godrej Consumer Products has been named the sixth best company in India for CSR in 2023 by The CSR Journal, owing to its commitment to sustainability. As part of its CSR endeavors, GCPL implemented livelihood programs that aligned with its Good & Green vision and CSR Policy under Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013. These programs used a shared value approach to meet the major economic needs of society’s marginalized groups. 

Salon-i, one of the flagship initiatives, served as a vocational training initiative for women. It comprised classes on life skills and entrepreneurship, as well as fundamental skills in beauty, skin and hair care, and mehendi application. Salon-i has taught over 2,84,000 women since its launch in fiscal year 2012-13. A third-party impact assessment found a threefold increase in trainees participating in paid labor, highlighting the program’s distinctive emphasis on employability, entrepreneurship, and women’s empowerment. 

Building on the success of Salon-i, Godrej Consumer Products launched Beautypreneur, a program that encourages women to start their own beauty and wellness businesses. Since fiscal year 2016-17, the initiative has assisted approximately 4,210 women entrepreneurs, resulting in a Social Return on Investment of 6.46 for every 1 invested. The survey also found that following training, Beautypreneurs’ revenue increased by 50%. 


Dabur, a renowned consumer goods firm, has been named eighth on The CSR Journal’s list of the top CSR companies in India in 2023. 

Dabur has been actively engaged in community development initiatives since 1994, anchored in the ideals of inclusive growth and equitable development, representing a commitment to social, environmental, and economic advantages in the communities in which it operates. This concept may be traced back to the founder, Dr. S. K. Burman, who stressed the need of living a life that offers comfort to others. 

Dabur has launched a number of activities in the quest of community empowerment. “Swasthya Aur Suraksha” (Health and Safety) is a comprehensive project aimed at boosting health, nutrition, and well-being, especially among disadvantaged girls. The project includes campaigns on safe and nutritious food, the promotion of kitchen gardens, the organization of health camps, and the provision of self-defense training to rural females. 

“Project Poshan” is another major effort targeting childhood illnesses and malnutrition in urban slums. The project not only raises nutrition knowledge but also assures access to nutritional food, with a focus on menstrual hygiene among adolescent females. 

Hindustan Zinc 

Hindustan Zinc has been named the eighth best CSR company in India by The CSR Journal for 2023. As part of its social responsibility commitment, the corporation has actively contributed to numerous sectors for the holistic development of communities. 

In the field of education, initiatives such as the Khushi Anganwadi Program, Vedanta Bal Shakti Anganwadi Project, and Shiksha Sambal Project in selected schools demonstrate the company’s commitment to early childhood development. Scholarships for deserving students, as well as the Unchi Udaan engineering coaching program, highlight the government’s commitment to education. Hindustan Zinc’s dedication to supporting learning is demonstrated by the development of Model Anganwadis and Nandghars, as well as support for different educational programs and company-run institutions. 

The company prioritizes sustainable livelihoods, as seen by the implementation of Agriculture and Livestock Development Projects in rural areas. Youth vocational, technical, and professional training is encouraged, fostering skill development and empowerment. With efforts such as the formation of Sakhi Self-help organizations, skill-building programs for rural women, and the development of Sakhi Production Centres, the company actively participates in women’s empowerment. 

Mahindra and Mahindra  

Mahindra and Mahindra, a major participant in automotive and manufacturing, ranked ninth on The CSR Journal’s list of top CSR firms in India in 2023. Mahindra and Mahindra actively pursued significant CSR activities across many industries during the fiscal year 2022-2023. 

Project Nanhi Kali was instrumental in teaching 1,86,041 impoverished girls through 7,674 centers, with a focus on academic support. Furthermore, the project included Life Skills and Digital Skills training programs for adolescent girls, empowering them in critical areas. Mahindra Pride Classrooms evolved into a program that was entirely focused on women, boosting employability skills for 1,66,666 women throughout 1,697 colleges. In FY23, the corporation actively supported the upskilling of 1,03,699 women.  


Marico, a consumer goods company, has been named the tenth best company for CSR in India in 2023 by The CSR Journal. Marico conducted CSR activities in Sustainable Agriculture & Livelihood Improvement, Education, and Social Innovation with a defined and quantifiable people philosophy. 

The Parachute Kalpavriksha Foundation (PKF) focused on empowering farmers, increasing crop productivity, and promoting scientific agricultural methods through the Kalpavriksha Program. The Agri-Business Centre (ABC) enabled coconut growers’ access to farm care inputs and technical services. 

Marico’s Jalashay water stewardship program sought to promote effective water management and conservation. In FY23, the corporation generated a 30 crore litre water conservation potential and worked on afforestation, planting 73,250 trees across multiple states. 

Marico worked with FSSAI on the Eat Right India campaign to promote healthy eating habits. Community nourishment efforts addressed local needs in the vicinity of manufacturing operations, including education, the environment, health, infrastructure, and disaster relief.