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Tesla Cybertruck to start mass production at end of 2023

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck to begin mass production

Tesla Cybertruck – Tesla expects to begin mass production of its Cybertruck at the end of 2023, two years later than the original deadline for the eagerly anticipated pickup truck Chief Executive Elon Musk disclosed in 2019.

Tesla said last month that the new model will be produced at its Austin, Texas, facility, with “early production” scheduled to start in the middle of 2023. We’re in the final lap with Cybertruck, said Musk in a conference call with financial analysts.

Tesla Cybertruck

If the manufacture of the sharp-angled electric truck ramps up gradually in the second half of next year to full capacity, Tesla won’t start generating income for a complete quarter of production on the new model until early 2024.

The estimated hundreds of thousands of prospective consumers who paid $100 to reserve a Cybertruck in one of the most eagerly anticipated and closely watched electric vehicle launches in history would also have to wait another year.

Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Tesla stock was up 0.4% on Tuesday after rising as much as 4.3% earlier.

In 2019, Tesla had planned to launch with a starting price of under $40,000, but since then, the price of new cars has soared, and Tesla has raised prices across its lineup.

According to a different source, Cybertruck was made to work with Tesla’s highly praised 4680 batteries. However, according to Sam Abuelsamid of Guidehouse Insights, Tesla has not been able to considerably increase the manufacture of its own batteries, which could cause Cybertrucks to be further delayed past the year 2023.

To move to standard 2170 batteries, Tesla may need to radically alter the Cybertruck batteries, he added.


In a 2019 announcement, Musk unveiled the Cybertruck, showing off its allegedly unbreakable “armour glass” windows having been broken. Since then, the corporation has pushed back the start of production three times, from late 2021 to late 2022, then to early 2023, and most recently to the mid-2023 deadline.

The launch of the Cybertruck will allow Tesla to compete with electric pickups made by companies like Ford Motor Co. and Rivian Automotive, both of whom have introduced versions in still-restricted quantities, in one of the most lucrative US market categories.

A scarcity in component sourcing was the rationale given by Musk in January for delaying the introduction of the Cybertruck until 2023.

Outside of North America, Tesla ceased collecting orders for the Cybertruck in May. The company had “more orders for the first Cybertrucks than we could reasonably fill for three years after the start of manufacturing,” Musk claimed at the time.