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Techwave – International Yoga Day Celebrations

International Yoga Day celebrations

International Yoga Day celebrations at Techwave

Mumbai (India CSR): On its 8th International Yoga Day Celebrations, Techwave, a leading worldwide IT and engineering solutions provider, launched a virtual health and wellness programme for its employees. Across the globe, the yoga practise was led by Mr. Rajasekhar Gummadapu, Co-founder and CEO, Techwave, and Mr. Damodar Rao Gummadapu, Chairman, Techwave and overseen by the professional instructor. 
Participants set out colourful mats for the all-day virtual yoga party and twisted their bodies into challenging poses. The participants joyously celebrated the 8th International Yoga Day after some warm-up activities, deep breathing exercises, and meditation. In addition, as part of Techwave’s dedication to employees’ health and wellness, the office hosts a “Breathe, Balance, and Bliss” campaign each week to support employees’ wellbeing and encourage a favourable work-life balance.

International Yoga Day Celebrations

The co-founder and CEO of Techwave, Mr. Rajasekhar Gummadapu, gave a speech at the event and stated, “At Techwave, we passionately believe in the importance of the unification of the mind, body, and spirit and its role in empowering people to achieve their ultimate potential. We place a high priority on the mental and physical health of all of our employees. I am proud that we were able to accomplish such a significant virtual effort to keep one another happy and healthy, and I thank the team and management for making it possible. The Techwave employees will undoubtedly cultivate inner tranquilly, grow in personal strength, and give their best professional performance thanks to this effort. Work-life balance and the wellbeing of our employees are priorities for us.