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Tata Power-DDL signs an MoU with CBIP

Tata Power-DDL

Tata Power-DDL agreement with CBIP

NEW DELHI- Tata Power-DDL – Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited, a pioneering power utility supplying electricity to a population of over 7 million in North Delhi, has signed an MoU with the Central Board of Irrigation and Power (CBIP) to conduct capacity building training for the development and impartment of Capacity Building and Skill Development of personnel in the power distribution sector. 
The main goal of this Memorandum of Understanding is to develop and groom power sector professionals with the necessary skills through advanced training programmes in areas such as Smart Grid, Grid Automation, Electric Vehicle and Charging Infrastructure, IoT, AI & ML with Drone Technology Integration, and so on. 
Tata Power-DDL and CBIP will perform joint research and development activities in the fields of Smart Grid Technologies, Electric Vehicle and Charging Infrastructure, Renewable Energy, Grid Integration Technologies, and Cyber Security, among others.

Tata Power-DDL

“The power sector is undergoing a fundamental shift,” Subir Verma, Chief-HR, IR & EHS, Tata Power-DDL, said of the partnership. Tata Power-DDL is dedicated to strengthening the power sector ecosystem by developing a talent pool with the necessary knowledge to meet the sector’s changing needs. We are convinced that our partnership with CBIP will be extremely valuable to industry professionals, providing a venue for information sharing and continuing best practise exchange.” 
The partnership’s training programmes will be based on new and upcoming technologies as well as best practises for improving knowledge competency. CBIP is a knowledge bank and exchange for the exchange of experience and technical information in the power, water, and renewable energy sectors. 

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