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Swiggy One Lite membership launched with free delivery and other benefits; price and other details here

Swiggy One Lite membership

Swiggy One Lite membership – Swiggy has introduced the ‘Swiggy One Lite,’ a food-delivery platform. According to the platform, it is a more affordable version of its current membership program, Swiggy One. According to the platform, this is the only program in the country that offers benefits for food, groceries, and pick-up and drop-off services. Swiggy One Lite is a new subscription that costs Rs 99 for three months and includes privileges such as free delivery, special offers, and savings. 

Swiggy One Lite membership

Price and advantages 

The subscription is initially priced at Rs 99 for three months. According to the platform, an average Swiggy One Lite subscriber may expect a six-fold return on membership investment across meal delivery, Instamart, and Genie services. 

Swiggy One Lite’s main advantages are as follows: 

A Swiggy One Lite subscription for three months entitles users to ten free deliveries on food orders above Rs 149 and Instamart goods exceeding Rs 199. 

In addition to the normal offers, members can get up to 30% off at over 20,000 restaurants. 

Another benefit for One Lite users is a 10% discount on Swiggy Genie deliveries exceeding Rs 60. 

Swiggy’s Vice President of Revenue and Growth, Anurag Panganamamula, commented, “At Swiggy, we’re constantly exploring innovative ways to actualize our mission of convenience.” With 9 out of 10 Swiggy One members using two or more services, it is one of the most useful membership programs in the country. We’re excited to bring Swiggy One Lite on our platform as an affordable option aimed to provide value to our customers, following a successful B2B launch with leading players. 

Zomato Platinum 

Zomato presently offers its Gold membership to consumers, which includes features such as Free Delivery at all restaurants within 10 kilometers on orders of Rs 199.  

Select eateries are also offered a ‘on-time guarantee’ through the program. If the delivery agent fails to deliver the order within the time frame specified, the user can receive a coupon for up to 100% of the order value.  

Extra offers and rush hour access: Gold members receive additional offers on select restaurants as well as access to more restaurants during peak periods.