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Swiggy launches career accelerator training for delivery executives

training for delivery executives

Swiggy provides career accelerator training for delivery executives

Training for delivery executives – Swiggy, a food delivery company, has announced the establishment of an industry-first accelerator training for delivery executives to move into full-time, managerial-level roles with a guaranteed salary and benefits. The project, dubbed ‘Step-Ahead,’ is designed to provide executives with the option to go from their current flexible engagement with Swiggy to a dedicated, managerial job, according to the business. 
Currently, delivery executives employed by various platform firms are hired on a flexible (contractual) basis, with pay based on the amount of hours worked per day. 
A Swiggy delivery executive must have a college degree, communication skills, and basic computer knowledge, and should have been delivering for Swiggy for a few years to be considered for the post of fleet manager.

“Fleet managers will be in charge of managing a fleet of delivery executives and will be responsible for a number of activities, including tracking metrics like login hours, cancellations, and answering queries, as well as working on special projects for delivery executives.”

Training for delivery executives

Several Swiggy delivery professionals have joined the platform as fleet managers throughout the years. Swiggy claims to have formalised this process with ‘Step Ahead,’ and plans to reserve at least 20% of all fleet manager hires for its delivery executives. Swiggy is also thinking about lowering the minimum tenure requirement to roughly two years. 
Swiggy has always maintained that our delivery executives are the heart and soul of our business, and we are delighted to provide a source of income for over 2.7 lakh women and men across the country. While most people see their involvement with the platform as a means to bridge the gap between employment or studies, or even as an additional source of money, we recognise that some people desire more. “With ‘Step Ahead,’ Swiggy is providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for people who want to change their blue collar to white and take on a management job,” said Mihir Rajesh Shah, Swiggy’s VP of Operations. 
Swiggy now has over 2.7 lakh delivery partners all throughout India. According to the company, delivery executives receive benefits such as accident and medical insurance, personal loans, legal assistance, covid income support, emergency support, income support during an accident or illness recovery, bereavement leaves, period time off, and maternity coverage, among others. 

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