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Swiggy announced Moonlighting policy, allowing employees to work on outside projects

Moonlighting policy

Swiggy announces Moonlighting policy

The world’s largest food delivery service, Swiggy, on Wednesday unveiled a new work policy that will permit staff to accept pro bono or paid tasks from outside the company. The food delivery giant Swiggy on Wednesday announced a new work policy under which employees will be allowed to take up external projects for pro bono or financial consideration. The company referred to this venture as an industry-first “Moonlighting policy,” and it encompasses activities outside of office hours or on weekends that do not impact their productivity on the full-time job or have a conflict with its business in any way. The corporation described this initiative as an industry first, or “Moonlighting policy,” and stated that it includes pursuits that people engage in on the weekends or after work hours but do not affect their performance on their full-time job. 
Swiggy further stated that it “firmly believes that working on such projects outside of one’s full-time employment can significantly contribute to both professional and personal development of an individual.” Swiggy further acknowledged the talent and interests of its employees, including social media influencer, in-house dance instructor, and more, particularly during the pandemic-ridden lockdowns around the world.

Moonlighting policy

According to a statement from the corporation, the moonlighting policy lays out rules that employees must follow when working on side jobs. Projects that carry a greater risk of conflict of interest or interference with an employee’s obligations to Swiggy must go through an approval procedure, the company stated. All of Bundl Technologies’ full-time staff members, including those at its subsidiaries, affiliates, associate companies, and group companies, have access to the policy. 
Swiggy said last week that the bulk of its employment will now always allow for remote work. The choice was made based on the requirements of the team and input from a number of managers and workers who attested to the freedom and enhanced productivity working from home has provided them over the past two years.