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Suzuki and India signs MoU to start a Biogas Demonstration Project

Biogas Demonstration Project

Suzuki to start a Biogas Demonstration Project with India

Suzuki Motor Corporation (SUZUKI) and the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) of India have signed a memorandum of understanding to launch a biogas demonstration project that hasten India’s carbon transition neutrality. 
To create a joint venture, SUZUKI and NDDB will research the business model for the possible broad usage of biogas and its eventual commercialization. 
Methane, which is found in cow poo and has a greenhouse effect 28 times greater than CO2, is produced by a high number of cows in India. The initiative will take into account reducing methane emissions into the atmosphere and converting cow dung methane into fuel for vehicles.

Biogas Demonstration Project

Photosynthesis pulls CO2 from the atmosphere into the grassland, which then turns it into feed for the cows. Cow dung contains methane, which is released into the atmosphere. Methane emissions into the atmosphere can be reduced by gathering cow dung and converting it into fuel for cars using artificially created biogas. This fuel is carbon neutral because it is made from CO2 that has been released into the environment.

The biogas residue can also be utilized as organic fertilizer, supporting the Indian government’s initiative to promote the use of organic fertilizers.

We believe that by constructing such a business model and implementing it across India, we can help achieve carbon neutrality as well as revitalize rural villages, create new jobs, recycle waste, increase energy self-sufficiency, and foster a society that values recycling. 
Toshihiro Suzuki, president of SUZUKI, declared that the company “would also participate in rebuilding rural areas and boosting energy self-efficiency” while seeking to achieve carbon net zero in India.