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Spotify announced ‘wellness week’ for employees; to shut all offices


Spotify – Wellness week for employees

Spotify, an audio streaming service, has scheduled a health week for all of its staff beginning the following week. The Spotify Wellness Week, according to the statement, has been announced to provide employees some paid time off so they can come back to work “revitalized, refreshed, and energized.”

Being a truly people-first organization is all about caring for our people and providing them with the space to take this kind of break, not about using time off as a miracle cure for underlying mental health problems. This is the reason we’re doing it again this year, according to the business’ HR blog. Last November, Spotify launched a wellness week to provide staff members a chance to recover from the effects of COVID.

“Every Spotify office will be closed the next week so that all of our staff members can recuperate, concentrate on themselves, and engage in activities they enjoy. With this additional paid week off, we hope that everyone of our colleagues may take the time they need for themselves and come back to work renewed, rejuvenated, and energized.


The business emphasized the value of scheduling time for both personal and professional care. In order to give their staff members a chance to “place some extra focus on their own wellness,” they shuttered their offices for a week last year.

According to the report, employees used the week in a variety of ways, including taking trips to new places, meeting up with old friends, or just unwinding and listening to their favourite podcasts. We merely required that everyone unplug, so it didn’t matter what our employees did during their workweek. We all got a break from the constant barrage of emails, texts, and video conferences,” remarked Spotify.

The business claimed that, after reflecting a year later, it has come to the conclusion that the wellness week is essential.

According to the HR blog, not every company can close its doors for a week, but every HR team can and ought to concentrate on the safety, health, and well-being of its workers. Spotify asked HR industry executives to work with “compassion, empathy, and use the chance to influence the future of work,” calling it a “undeniably trying period.”