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Solar Lift Irrigation Systems installed to benefit farmers in Bilaspur

Solar Lift Irrigation Systems

Solar Lift Irrigation Systems – ACC, the cement and construction material subsidiary of the diversified Adani Group, has constructed 20 HP solar lift irrigation systems in the Bohardhi hamlet of Bilaspur, covering an area of 55-60 acres. This trailblazing project’s principal goal is to address the issue of water scarcity experienced by marginal farmers by providing them with a reliable source of irrigation and altering their lives.

Mr. Hira Prasad Sahu is one such recipient of ACC and Adani Foundation’s proactive measure to implement solar lift irrigation systems to fight the challenge of water scarcity. The resident of Bohardhi village has encountered major hardships as a marginal farmer responsible for a family of seven due to a lack of solid economic streams. Hira’s one-acre plot has been connected into the irrigation system following the recent installation of the solar lift irrigation system, which covers an area of around 55-60 acres. It has brought about tremendous change and instilled hope for a better future.

Solar Lift Irrigation Systems

A solar power lift irrigation system uses solar energy to pump water from a water source (such as a well, river, or reservoir) to irrigate agricultural fields or for other purposes. The solar lift irrigation system runs for eight hours per day, ensuring a consistent water supply to the agricultural fields all year. This has resulted in a large increase in crop growth and increased the region’s total agricultural productivity. Mr. Hira Prasad Sahu currently cultivates a varied range of crops, including paddy, wheat, peas, sunflowers, and vegetables, thanks to this technology. This effort also allows Mr. Hira Prasad Sahu to practice multi-season farming, which is expected to provide additional money.

ACC and the Adani Foundation remain committed to their aim of transforming the lives of marginalized communities throughout the regions. The program in Bohardhi village is one of several efforts to empower farmers and improve rural communities.