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Snapchat Dynamic Stories Features to be rolled out for premium content

Snapchat Dynamic Stories Feature

Snapchat Dynamic Stories Features for premium content to be available soon

Snapchat Dynamic Stories Features – With the arrival of Dynamic Stories, Snapchat has just unveiled a new option to create premium content on the network. Snapchat stated that they’ve always “had a deep obligation to showcase news and information that is trustworthy and from reputable and clear sources” as the reason for adding this feature. 
Dynamic Tales is a new ‘Discover’ format that will use a partner’s RSS Feed to produce stories automatically from the information the partner is providing for the web. 
“These Stories, which are available in the Discover stream, update in real-time, allowing Snapchatters to stay up to current on the latest news as it happens.” Dynamic Stories “helps Snapchatters learn about the world as it happens, whether it’s breaking news from trustworthy sources about the situation in Ukraine or the newest in pop-culture or fashion,” Snapchat added.

Snapchat Dynamic Stories Features

The company went on to say that by integrating publishing to the platform into these partners’ workflows, they were able to provide them with a simple approach to create daily content while also lowering costs. “This new format will also help us continue to deliver local content to our audience all over the world,” says the company. “We’ve already started testing in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and India,” the business stated. 
Furthermore, Dynamic Stories will assist us in unlocking material in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, and Marathi, throughout India. “We’re also in the process of onboarding various partners across other languages so that people can come to Snapchat and access news content in their favourite languages,” said Rashmi Daryanani, Snap India’s Media Partnerships Manager. 
Snapchat’s partners are already seeing returns, according to the company. “With its reliable, timely coverage of the awful situation in Ukraine, The Washington Post reached over 1.1 million Snapchatters in the first week,” the firm claimed. In India, MissMalini‘s material reportedly attracted more than 200k unique visitors in the first 30 days after Dynamic Stories went live. 

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