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The ‘Singrauli railway station approach road’ is being built by NCL

Singrauli railway station

Singrauli railway station approach road is under development

Singrauli railway station approach road – Northern Coalfields Limited, a government of India Mini Ratna firm, is always trying to improve the surrounding environment while also addressing the country’s energy needs, which includes the construction of highways. On Saturday, Hon’ble MP Sidhi-Singrauli Riti Pathak performed Bhoomi Pujan on the Singrauli railway station approach road, which NCL is getting in this episode. 
This project includes maintenance of around 6 km of track with an average width of 7.5 metres, as well as asphaltization between Kanta Mor and Gorbi railway crossings, at a cost of Rs 5.5 crore over the next five years. Residents of Gorbi, Kasar, Block-B, Morwa, Jayant, and other nearby areas will be able to reach Singrauli train station thanks to the completion of this route. 
This route would also make it easier for people to travel around Singrauli railway station.

Singrauli railway station under development

This programme was attended by Hon’ble MP, Sidhi-Singrauli Smt. Riti Pathak, Hon’ble MLA Singrauli Shri Ram Lallu Vaishya, General Manager (Civil) of NCL Shri AK Singh, and other dignitaries. While speaking at the event, Hon’ble MP praised NCL’s work in the field and expressed the hope that the company would continue to provide high-quality service in the future. 

It’s worth noting that NCL is working on a large-scale road development project in the Singrauli area. NCL has published two different tenders for the construction and widening of the road between Jayant Bus Stand and Kanta Mor, which is close to the railway station. The route’s arrangement will be ensured. NCL is also assisting in the development of a CC Road from Morwa Circuit House to the Uttar Pradesh Border (Khanhana Barrier).

NCL’s CSR operations include large-scale road construction in the Singrauli region, with the business spending more than 150 crores in the last seven years to construct 210 kilometres of road.

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