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Sightsavers India: Restoring sight and life to people who have lost it

Sightsavers India

Sightsavers India is Restoring sight of people who have lost it

Sightsavers India – Rural Eye Health (REH), Urban Eye Health (UEH), School Eye Health (SEH), and National Truckers Eye Health are four of Sightsavers‘ primary eye health projects in India (NTEH). By raising awareness and providing quality eye health care, the REH initiative aims to change the eye health systems in the 100 most vulnerable rural regions. The Vidyajyoti SEH program’s goal is to ensure that children in public schools have good eye health. This mostly entails child vision screening, teacher training, vision screening, and the distribution of high-quality eyeglasses. Recognizing the importance of eye health for the community of overworked truckers, the Raahi NTEH initiative strives to improve road safety by correcting truck drivers’ refractive errors. 
Rohitas, who is sixty years old, lives in Rajasthan‘s Alwar district. His vision problems began in 2020, at the height of the pandemic. The entire universe had come to a halt at that point. After nightfall, Rohitas could hardly see anything. Cooking was difficult for him because of his bad vision. Cooking half-burned meals was a real pain for him. Rohitas couldn’t afford to have his eyes tested because he didn’t have enough money. He felt quite concerned about spending the rest of his life with poor vision and less money. 
In September, Rohitas overheard an announcement from a moving van promoting an eye-screening camp. Rohitas made the decision to have his eyes examined. The only reason he went to the camp was for a free check-up because spending even 30 to 40 dollars at this time was too much for him. Following the examination, it was discovered that Rohitas had cataracts in both eyes, necessitating surgery to improve his vision. Before he could inquire about costs, the hospital personnel informed him that the surgery would be free. For Rohitas, this was a huge relief. He was cleared for surgery when his blood pressure and sugar testing came back normal.

Sightsavers India

Sightsavers created the Vidyajyoti School Eye Health Program with the purpose of improving schoolchildren’s ‘excellent and maintained eye health,’ resulting in enhanced learning outcomes in government schools. This strategy intends to evaluate children in a government school for eye disorders and vision impairments in order to identify and prevent them. 
Health education, health services, nutritional services, counselling, a healthy school environment, staff health promotion, family/community involvement, and research or impact assessment are among the eight components of the programme, which can be broadly categorized under the three major constituents of service delivery, eye health awareness, and an enabling environment. 
Gayatri, a thirteen-year-old Madhya Pradesh girl, would frequently complain to her parents about her blurry vision. She struggled to keep up with her schoolwork and participate in extracurricular activities as a result. At her school, Gayatri felt left out and alienated.

Eye Health Program

Gayatri was diagnosed with a bilateral congenital cataract by the refraction team visiting her school as part of SightsaversVidyajyoti School Eye Health Program. For the procedure, she was referred to Sightsavers‘ partner hospital. 
Gayatri is now able to see everything well and has gotten more involved in school activities. Gayatri’s parents were grateful to the Sightsavers team for making a positive difference on their daughter’s life. 
The most common cause of vision impairment in school-aged children is refractive error. Sightsavers‘ School Eye Health Program, or Vidya Jyoti, aims to prevent eye disorders and vision impairment among school-aged children. 

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