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Siemens digital business platform Xcelerator unveils

Siemens digital business platform

Siemens digital business platform Xcelerator

Siemens digital business platform unveiled, Xcelerator, at its India Innovation Day in Mumbai. The management of the technology corporation with its global headquarters in Munich stated that India will be crucial to the Siemens Xcelerator’s global implementation. 
Speaking to the media, Peter Koerte, Chief Technology Officer and Strategy Officer of Siemens AG, stated that the history of Xcelerator is rooted in the current global digital transition. “There are many different client needs, and it is challenging for one business to provide them all. At that point, Xcelerator’s function becomes a crucial role, he said. The idea behind Xcelerator is to hasten digital transformation and value creation for clients of all sizes in the fields of industry, construction, grids, and mobility.  

Siemens digital business platform

In regards to the specific topic of monetization, Koerte argued that it was too early to make any statements. Our goal, he declared, is to boost the volume of transactions. Half of Siemens’ €5.9 billion global R&D expenditure will go toward digital. In order to facilitate interactions and transactions between clients, partners, and developers, he elaborated on the purpose of having a marketplace. Over 6,000 software developers work at Siemens’ development facilities in India. 
Scalability in technology offers a great potential, says Sunil Mathur, MD & CEO of Siemens Limited. He described the difficulties businesses encountered while trying to comply with FDA standards and recommendations, using the pharmaceutical industry as an example. Mathur emphasized that “it is a difficult, expensive, and time-consuming process.” Siemens, he continued, has achieved significant time and cost savings by achieving a smooth data flow with reliability and authenticity.