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SheCrypt Campaign concluded by Tezos India

SheCrypt Campaign

Tezos India concludes SheCrypt Campaign

SheCrypt Campaign – Tezos India, the India branch of the information systems network Tezos, announced yesterday that their quarter campaign ‘SheCrypt – Women in Crypto & Blockchain‘ is now over. 
The campaign aims to enhance Web3 literacy among female college students.

The initiative, according to the group, provided participants with a deep dive into the worlds of blockchain, crypto, and Web3. It also sought to educate students about the various jobs and opportunities available to women in the crypto and blockchain industries. 
According to the materials provided by the organization, the speakers presented their experiences and encouraged the audience to make the transition from Web2 to Web3.

SheCrypt Campaign

“We’ve found that as a result of the SheCrypt campaign, an increasing number of women are asking more questions about the Tezos India Fellowship than previously,” stated Om Malviya, Founder and President of Tezos India. We’ve received a number of emails from college students eager to get engaged as soon as possible, which is fantastic to hear.” 
Tezos India intends to hold similar initiatives in the future. The company stated that it will continue to create partnerships with universities and colleges in order to help students advance their careers in the Web3 industry. 

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