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India’s Unique Seva At Home Tech Platform Set to Boom

Seva At Home

Seva At Home Tech Platform to Boom

In order to fill the gap in offering expert medical and critical care at-home as well as non-hospital medical care, Seva At Home was established as an innovative start-up in 2019. The goal is to change the way critical care would be provided with the ethos of compassion, supported by best-in-class technology solutions and international best practises. This will increase access and transparency for the families and doctors caring for the patients. The founder and CEO of this unique, patient-first health technology business, Mr. Atul Gandhi, a global management consultant, is quite bullish about its expansion and evergreen relevance.

According to Mr. Gandhi, “While Seva At Home was initially founded to address the difficulty NRIs encounter when caring for their loved ones back in India, we realized during COVUD that families living in different cities or occasionally even in the same household urgently require professional nursing or medical assistance, which was not readily accessible at the time. We swiftly changed to meet this urgent requirement by making significant investments to scale both our technology and our partner/provider network, all while upholding international quality standards. With the assistance of 1800 highly skilled providers, we are currently able to provide care for approximately 8900 patients across 63 cities. In the ensuing two to three years, we will broaden to incorporate tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

Finding qualified carers across the nation was one of the first difficulties Seva At Home encountered during the pilot stage. In India, the home healthcare sector is still in its infancy and is dominated by unorganised businesses. There is little technology investment outside of hospitals, and there are few quality standards and certifications. In order to improve the quality of care, Seva At Home decided to invest heavily in building a training infrastructure. They also developed a customised technology platform that took 15 months to build and would enable seamless communication between patients, families, doctors, vendors, and all other partners around the world. Every patient is managed in accordance with the Inter Disciplinary Team Assessment (IDTA) paradigm, which Johns Hopkins in the US has embraced.

Seva At Home

Companies are investing more in the health and happiness of their employees both during and after COVID. “Companies are realizing the importance of investing in a more productive and healthy workforce, from our home healthcare and wellness subscription services to our cardiac rehabilitation and preventative programmes,” said Mr. Gandhi.

Since the beginning of 2020, Seva has collaborated with the renowned palliative care NGO CanSupport to offer free customised tech assistance to the hundreds of clinicians and cancer patients who are under their care. Through the IC3 Institute’s Rebuild initiative, Seva supports the Jubilant Bhartia Foundation’s CSR initiatives, including mobile dispensary outreach, and offers free medical, nutritional, and mental health support to women who lost their partners and primary breadwinners during COVID.

With an extraordinary level of commitment and perseverance, Mr. Gandhi and his staff are dedicated to revolutionising home healthcare throughout India. Mr. Gandhi, a soft-spoken and humble man, revealed that the inspiration for this concept came from the 2016 cancer diagnosis of his father. It was nearly impossible to find his father dependable care when he was a management consultant travelling back and forth between the US, Hong Kong, and India. Sadly, in 2018, his father passed away. As Mr. Gandhi explains, “I realised something had to be done to bring families closer to medical care in a safe and professional atmosphere. I felt a genuine obligation to try and help others who were battling in similar situations and needed support.