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SBI Securities appoints NK Purohit as Chief Business Officer

NK Purohit

SBI Securities appoints NK Purohit

NK Purohit has been named as the new chief business officer of SBI Securities, a fully owned subsidiary of SBI Capital Markets. The State Bank of India, SBI Securities’ parent firm, has a vast network, and the corporation claims that by making this appointment, SBI Securities hopes to take the lead in its market area. Purohit will be in charge of the business’s Rs 800 crore+ sales, 3 million+ customers, and 10,000+ employees to provide scale and growth, according to SBI Securities.

The distinction of being one of the few end-to-end business executives with expertise in physical, digital, and physical companies belongs to NK Purohit. At HDFC Bank, he oversaw the physical channel business and led the digital transformation and distribution initiatives.

NK Purohit

Purohit holds certifications in “Digital Transformation for Financial Services” from Copenhagen Business School in Denmark in addition to having completed his B. Tech. (Electrical) and MBA in Marketing and Finance at IIT, Delhi. In the BFSI sector, he has also won prizes for the finest application of AI and ML.

Purohit is highly renowned for his thought leadership in the digital workplace, enterprise IT, customer experience, agile techniques, and digital transformation, according to the company’s statement.

According to SBI Securities, he has more than 23 years of experience using cutting-edge digital techniques to link business and technology. During this time, he has made significant contributions to the fields of sales, revenue, asset product distribution, strategy, analytics, product development, technology, customer experience, and digital transformation.