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SBI General Insurance supports children with pediatric cancer

SBI General Insurance

SBI General Insurance supports kids with pediatric cancer

One of the top general insurance providers in India, SBI General, recently established a partnership with the Cuddles Foundation to aid children with cancer. SBI General Insurance provides financial support to the Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre in Madurai’s Food Heals Program, run by the Cuddles Foundation.

250 paediatric cancer patients will get counselling, diet planning, carer support, nutritional meals, and supplements during the course of the program’s three-month run. On World Cancer Day, a team from SBI General visited these children on behalf of the company, together with Shefali Khalsa, Head – Brand, Corporate Communications & CSR, and spent the day with them.

Nutritionists evaluate a child’s level of malnutrition, create diet plans for them, and track their progress as part of the program’s counselling and diet planning components. On the basis of this, they are then provided with food and supplements, such as hot meals and in-meal supplements.

This programme also organizes parent support group meetings, educational presentations, movies, and other events to empower patient families with the knowledge they need to choose healthier foods. SBI General fully supports the cause of helping children by providing about 4900 meal supplements, 270 boxes of nutritional supplements, and 116 ration baskets. SBI General believes that every child deserves a balanced diet because doing so makes fighting cancer more difficult.

SBI General Insurance

SBI General is devoted to giving back to society and maintains strategic connections with organizations that have a beneficial influence on the community, according to Anand Pejawar, Whole-Time Director, SBI General Insurance, who spoke about the social cause. Lack of nourishment can be an extra challenge for cancer patients who are already fighting an uphill struggle on an emotional and financial level. For the Foodheals Program, which focuses on offering counselling, diet plans, food and supplement assistance, and carer support, we have partnered with the Cuddles Foundation. This will give them information about the illness, its treatment method, and protocol for it, as well as access to nutritious food that will help the patient develop the strength to cope with the discomfort and any potential side effects.

Through this programme, SBI General hopes to raise awareness of the value of basic nutrition as well as the fact that many children lack the financial means to receive high-quality medical care. This relationship will provide all nutrition-related resources for individuals and families to the collaborating organisation and children who are cancer patients.