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SAP CSR Launches 3rd Edition of eBook, Celebrating a Year of Global Impact


SAP CSR Launches eBook, Celebrating a Year of Global Impact

SAP Corporate Social Responsibility (SAP CSR) launched the third edition of its annual eBook under the theme “Helping the World Run Better – Together,” a true labour of love with a renewed strategy, passion, and purpose.

The Theme “Helping the World Run Better – Together,” a true labour of love with a renewed strategy, passion, and purpose.

The theme, created for SAP’s entire global ecosystem of staff, customers, and partners who contributed to making the world a better place, couldn’t be more fitting as SAP CSR announces that more than 20,000 SAP employees spent 117,000 hours volunteering throughout 2022, affecting a staggering 5 million lives.

The third edition of our eBook puts a year’s worth of purpose-driven work at our fingertips. It highlights SAP CSR flagship initiatives, fruitful partnerships, and personal success stories from around the world. For example, you can read about our three-year partnership with UNICEF and Generation Unlimited (GenU) that provided critical digital and life skills training to more than 7.6 million youth in India, Turkey, and Vietnam – far exceeding the original goal of 1.5 million.

“It’s clear that our massive strides are bringing the company’s vision to life,” says Christian Klein, CEO and member of SAP SE’s Executive Board.

“An imperative and strategic component for strengthening the business, SAP CSR set clear 2022 priorities and directed attention under the three focus areas: accelerate social business, build future skills, and collaborate for sustainability. “The third edition SAP CSR eBook demonstrates that by working together, we can truly change the way the world works and create a better environment for people and the planet,” says Alexandra van der Ploeg, global head of Corporate Social Responsibility.

SAP’s commitment to continuing its partnership with UNICEF from GenU is one of the key education initiatives highlighted in the eBook. Based on the results of the previous three years, SAP will assist GenU and the Youth Marketplace Agency (Yoma), an online learning platform, in assisting young people in finding jobs in the digital and green sectors.


In collaboration with Unilever and MovingWorlds, we launched the TRANSFORM Support Hub, a global one-stop shop for non-financial, free business support for social enterprises worldwide, to accelerate social business. These organizations can gain access to free consultants, mentors, and coaches, as well as personalized guidance, introductions to sales and partnership opportunities, and connections to potential funding prospects, through the hub.

In 2022, we also collaborated with external partners to validate our pro bono consulting offering’s intended social impact and business value. During the last decade of our SAP Social Sabbatical programme, over 1,400 SAP employees shared their business expertise with over 450 social enterprises. In addition to having a demonstrated social impact for social enterprises, the programme added significant business value to SAP by contributing.

The majority of employees, social enterprises, and their beneficiaries reported a positive impact as a result of their participation:

  • 74% of employees had a positive long-term career impact.
  • 96% of social enterprises had a long-term positive impact.
  • 77% of those who benefited from social enterprises reported an improvement in their quality of life.

Van der Ploeg explains that SAP’s evolved CSR strategy powers equitable access to economic opportunity, education and employment, and the green and circular economy: “We are continually striving to drive tangible and transformative social impact. Our efforts over the years have helped us achieve the highest Corporate Citizenship score in the software industry in the most recent Dow Jones Sustainability Index.”