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Saint Gobain India IIT Madras Research in-pact to Promote Renewable Energy in Buildings

Saint Gobain India IIT Madras

Saint Gobain India IIT Madras Research

Saint Gobain India IIT Madras Research – Saint-Gobain, a French glass and building materials company, and IIT Madras Research Park have agreed to work together on technologies to promote the maximum use of clean energy as part of net-zero carbon emission goals. 
Saint-Gobain India will support IIT Madras Research Park with a funding of Rs 1 crore over the next three years as part of the MoU inked on Thursday. 
The partnership’s goal is to work on tackling energy concerns and maximizing the usage of alternative energy sources. IIT Madras Research Park intends to build an energy storage mechanism within the campus in order to function primarily on energy supplied from renewable sources, with a focus on developing sustainable models and ensuring energy efficiency. 
The strategy could assist demonstrate the technology readiness and commercial viability of shifting to 100% renewable energy in commercial complexes if it is successfully demonstrated. 
“The objective is to build a captive solar or wind power plant in Tamil Nadu and then send the electricity to the research park,” says the researcher. We intend to construct a power storage system because solar and wind are not available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’ve previously constructed a cold water storage facility where we chill water when we have excess electricity and use it as needed. Similarly, we plan to construct lithium-ion battery storage to aid in the storage of clean energy.

Saint Gobain India and IIT Madras Research

And we’ll do it in a way that’s commercially viable. It is less expensive than electricity, taking into account the cost of storage, depreciation, and interest rate. During the engagement, Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala, President, IIT Madras Research Park (IITMRP) and IIT Madras Incubation Cell (IITMIC), told BusinessLine that “if we confirm this, it can be done in any commercial building in the country.” 
The goal of the collaboration is to use the IIT Madras Research Park campus as a model for other commercial building complexes across the country. 
Within the institute, a three-year pilot demonstration of the model will be established.

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