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CSR: Royal Enfield & Shikhar Dhawan Foundation ride together for Miles For Smiles

Shikhar Dhawan Foundation

Royal Enfield, Shikhar Dhawan Foundation ride Miles For Smiles

On the heels of National Tourism Day, Shikhar Dhawan Foundation and the Eicher Group Foundation, Royal Enfield’s CSR and Sustainability arm, organized an innovative ride to encourage the Indian motorcycle community—including Shikhar Dhawan himself—to come together and ride for the cause of community upliftment.

More than 500 motorcycle enthusiasts from Amritsar, Delhi, and Agra travelled on January 28 and 29 of 2023 with hearts as big as their machines to deliver various types of relief to schools, orphanages, blind schools, zero-line communities, and other places where supplies and logistics are frequently scarce.

Sewing machines were among the many items that were given out, and they were given to ladies who could sew to assist them make a living. Along with customized hygiene packages, specialized walking sticks for the blind and high-quality wheelchairs for the disabled were also supplied. Along with ration supplies that will sustain a family of four for a month, shawls, and clothing, art kits were also distributed. Additionally, two bio-toilets were set up in Delhi’s tourist areas.

The riders travelled three scenic or famous routes through Amritsar, from the Golden Temple all the way to the Indo-Pak border close to Wagah. The Taj Mahal in Agra served as the starting point and Mathura and Vrindavan as the destination. The voyage began in Delhi at the Royal Enfield brand store in Saket.

Shikhar Dhawan Foundation

The Eicher Group Foundation is steadfastly committed to collaborating with local groups and involving the world’s motorcycle enthusiasts in order to promote constructive interactions and behavioural shifts that will aid in rebalancing our planet. The Shikhar Dhawan Foundation is dedicated to assisting rural and distant populations in need of relief and medical infrastructure.

Shikhar Dhawan said in a speech at the event, “As part of our humanitarian purpose, Shikhar Dhawan Foundation is thrilled to join with Eicher Group Foundation for this community upliftment programme to create resilience and drive long-lasting change. We also hope to spark a huge movement of motorcyclists around the world who will actively support us in our mission. Through our joint efforts to assist the community, we hope to plant the seeds of wealth and happiness throughout the world through this special collaboration.

“And India, touring and pleasure riding go hand in hand with Royal Enfield. In keeping with the spirit of deliberate exploration, Royal Enfield riders have frequently been agents of good change, whether by partnering with local communities to strengthen resilience or by reducing their environmental impact in an effort to “leave every place better.” The Shikhar Dhawan Foundation and the Eicher Group Foundation will ride together for the cause of community and social welfare in some of the most famous tourist destinations in northern India as a follow-up to the recent National Tourism Day, according to Bidisha Dey, Executive Director of the Eicher Group Foundation.