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RINL wins National Energy Leader Award for the 4th time consecutively

National Energy Leader Award

RINL bags prestigious National Energy Leader Award

The Confederation of Indian Industry Godrej Green Business Center has given RINL the National Energy Leader Award for the fourth consecutive year and the Excellent Energy Efficient Unit Award for the sixth consecutive year starting in 2017. The ability to earn the National Energy Leader Award continuously for four years is an exceptional accomplishment in any integrated steel plant and PSU. 
At the 23rd National Award for Excellence in Energy Management programme held in New Delhi today, Sri Ashok Kumar, Dy. Director General, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power, Government of India, presented these prestigious awards to Sri AK Saxena, Director (Operations), RINL, and Sri Abhijit Chakrabarti, CGM(Works)-Incharge, RINL. 
In 2021–2022, RINL lowered its specific energy usage from 6.25 Gcal/tCS (Giga calories) to 6.02 Gcal/tCS, registering a decrease of roughly 4% from the previous year. Coke Dry Quenching, Sinter Heat Recovery Power Plant, Top Pressure Recovery Turbine, and LD Gas Recovery are just a few of the cutting-edge cleaner technologies that RINL has pioneered the installation of.

National Energy Leader Award

Increased waste heat recovery, increased pulverized coal injection in BF, and decreased BF gas leakage are only a few of the actions implemented by RINL. In accordance with the MoS goal, RINL has created a detailed action plan to decarbonize steel (achieve net zero emissions) and achieve carbon neutrality by 2047. RINL also received the most Perform, Achieve and Trade (PAT) 2nd Cycle Energy Saving Certificates (Escerts). 
The VSP collective was commended for this exceptional accomplishment by Sri Bhatt, CMD, RINL, who further noted that these awards clearly demonstrate the dedication of the entire staff to energy conservation. 
One of the crucial factors in the production of steel is energy usage, thus he urged them to meet worldwide benchmarks in this area.