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On Republic Day 2022, EduBridge intends to instill skilling practices among youngsters

Republic Day 2022

EduBridge intends to instill skilling practices on Republic Day 2022

Republic Day 2022 – EduBridge is one of India’s premier workforce development platforms, assisting learners in securing jobs with top companies through training and other services. This innovative idea for holding the event arose from all of the inquiries and concerns EduBridge has received from young people about careers. On the occasion of our 73rd Republic Day 2022, EduBridge, in collaboration with UNICEF-YuWaah, presents ‘Skills Factor 2022,’ India’s Largest Skill Marathon event. It’s designed like a “Marathon” so that industry experts can answer as many questions as possible! 
From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., SkillsFactor 2022 is a well-planned, day-long online event, divided into 26 bite-sized sessions of 26 minutes each. The participants will get the opportunity to learn about numerous Technology, Banking & Finance, and Self-Development topics in order to better understand and develop the skills needed to build long-term jobs or make career changes today! 
“Tech Career Options for Those Who Don’t Know How to Code or Have a Non-Tech Background,” “Cloud Computing and Coding Careers,” “Answers to the Most Asked Questions,” “5 Tips to Get Into Investment Banking Career,” “Answers to the Most Asked Questions,” “Answers to the Most Asked Questions.
“Answers to the Most Asked Questions During an Interview,” and even “What does a Recruiter See on Your Resume?” “How to Receive Revenue Through YouTube?” and other questions will be answered by Masoom Minawala 
EduBridge Learning’s CEO, Girish Singhania, adds: “SkillsFactor is the ideal mix for someone who wants to improve their skills in a short amount of time while simultaneously receiving great knowledge and coaching from industry leaders. This is a fantastic chance for everyone with comparable queries and has struggled to find the right individuals to answer them.” Register today to experience the power of industry experts’ vision, cognizance, and deep understanding in a variety of industries.

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