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Renault and Nissan to introduce 2 new electric vehicles in India

Renault and Nissan

Renault and Nissan set to introduce two new electric vehicles in India

Renault and Nissan have announced a new long-term vision for India, including increased production and R&D activities, the introduction of electric vehicles, and the transition to carbon-neutral manufacturing. The companies will collaborate on six new production vehicles, including two fully electric vehicles, from their base in Chennai, and will invest approximately Rs 5,300 crores ($600 million) in support of the new projects.

According to Renault and Nissan, the new investment will create up to 2,000 new jobs at the Renault Nissan Technology & Business Centre near Chennai. The company claims that with a significant increase in renewable energy generation, the RNAIPL factory will become carbon-neutral.

The new models, three for each company, will be engineered and built in Chennai and will include four new C-segment SUVs and two new A-segment electric vehicles, the first EVs for both Renault and Nissan in India. The companies claim that the new models will not only be aimed at Indian customers but will also signal a significant increase in exports from India, boosting plant utilization to 80 per cent and securing many jobs at the RNAIPL plant in Chennai.

Renault and Nissan

According to the company, the RNAIPL plant will be carbon-neutral by 2045. They went on to say that it will happen as part of an ongoing programme to transition to 100% renewable energy while reducing energy consumption at the plant by 50% compared to today. The Chennai Plant already gets more than half of its electricity from renewable sources like solar, biomass, and wind. The company has promised that the existing solar plant will be expanded to a 14MW plant, up from 2.2MW today.

Renault and Nissan have realigned their shareholding in their joint ventures to demonstrate their renewed commitment to the Indian market. Renault Nissan Automotive India Private Ltd (RNAIPL) will be 51 percent Nissan and 49 percent Renault, and Renault Nissan Technology Business Centre (RNTBCI) will be 51 percent Renault and 49 percent Nissan.