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Reliance Jio vs Airtel plans comparison

Reliance Jio vs Airtel

Reliance Jio vs Airtel plans – Know it all

Reliance Jio vs Airtel plans – Among the top telecom service providers in India are Jio and Airtel. While many smaller operators in this market left when Jio entered the market, Airtel has successfully managed to survive in it to this day, frequently giving Jio a tough fight. 
These two telecom behemoths compete fiercely in this market with their numerous plans and bundles to win over clients. A fascinating and helpful study titled “Reliance Jio vs Airtel Plans” might reveal a number of facts regarding their pricing philosophies.

When choosing to subscribe to the plans provided by these companies, a comparative analysis of their plans will aid in helping you make an informed choice.

Jio and Airtel’s daily 1 GB data plans

Jio’s plans clearly outperform Airtel’s plans in terms of price in the market for 1 GB per day plans. Jio’s 28-day plan costs $209, whereas Airtel charges $265 for the same thing. Similar to this, Jio’s 24-day package costs 179 whereas Airtel charges 239 for the same plan. 

1 GB each day Airtel vs. Jio strategy

Because there are so few plans with the same validity period, it can be challenging to compare Reliance Jio vs Airtel plans in the 1.5 GB per day area.

Operator Validity Price

336 days in Jio = 2545 
Jio 783 for 84 days 
Jio 666 for 84 days 
719 for 84 days of Airtel 
Airtel days 77 666 
479 for Airtel 56 days 
Airtel 299 for 28 days

2 GB per day – Jio vs Airtel plans

When comparing the 84-day validity 2 GB per day plans from Jio and Airtel, we see that Airtel’s plan is more affordable. Jio charges 1066 for this package, whereas Airtel charges only 839 for it. 
Operator Validity Price 
2,879 for 365 days in Jio 
Jio 1,066 for 84 days. 
799 for Jio 56 days 
Airtel 2,999 for 365 days 
Airtel 839 days at 84 
Airtel 359 for 28 days 
Airtel 319 for 30 days

3 GB each day – Reliance Jio vs Airtel strategy

While you would need to do some research to evaluate the Reliance Jio vs Airtel plans in the 3GB per day category, we can easily compare the plans from both carriers with a 28-day validity period.