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RBI bans DHFL from taking deposits under Piramal management

RBI bans DHFL from taking deposits under Piramal management

RBI bans DHFL from taking deposits under Piramal management

RBI bans DHFL from taking deposits under Piramal management – The Reserve Bank has revoked the deposit-taking status of Dewan Housing Finance (DHFL), the main financial services firm to go for insolvency procedures, and has renamed it as a non-deposit taking housing Finance organization, prior to endorsing the Piramal group’s offered to assume control over it towards the finish of the resolution process.

The disclosure comes in the June 7 NCLT Mumbai request that has supported the Rs 35,250-crore bid for the once second-biggest mortgage loan expert by Piramal Capital and Housing Finance, driving more than 65% hairstyle on the leasers and simply Re 1 to its NCD holders to whom it owes more than Rs 45,000-crore.

On the fourteenth page of the 86-page NCLT request by HP Chaturvedi and Ravikumar Duraisamy, it says DHFL not is a deposit-taking NBFC anymore yet a non-deposit taking one.

The progressions were made in February 2021, after the RBI gave a non-issue with the January 25, 2021 application by R Subramaniakumar, the DHFL executive, referring to Rule 5 of its FSP (monetary administrations suppliers) Rules. “As per the FSP Rules, the RBI conveyed its ‘no complaint’ on February 16, 2021 for change in charge/possession/the board in DHFL as far as Rule 5(d)(iii) of the FSP Rules and furthermore as far as para 3 of NHB round – housing finance organizations – endorsement of obtaining or move of control Directions, 2016, subject to (bury alia) the condition that the deposit-taking status of DHFL will be denied and combined substance of DHFL and Piramal Capital will work as a non-deposit taking housing account organization,” says the NCLT request.

In the closing part of the request, the seat repeats that the goal is dependent upon the way that RBI’s non-compliant, which depends relying on the prerequisite that “the situation with the corporate account holder (DHFL) is transformed from a store taking lodging money organization to a non-store taking lodging account organization”. It tends to be noticed that DHFL turned into the main monetary services substance to be alluded to the NCLT for insolvency, when the RBI on November 20, 2019 supplanted the DHFL board and delegated Subramaniakumar as its head. The organization went down under after its advertisers supposedly directed of public assets and defaulted on its obligation reimbursements worth over Rs 95,000 crore to 21 banks and a huge number of contributors. In excess of 55,000 retail and institutional financial backers hold Rs 5,375 crore worth of fixed stores in DHFL. The Rs 3,5250-crore bid by the Piramal bunch was supported by the advisory group of loan bosses on January 15, 2021. The public authority needed to change the RBI Act and advise a segment of the chapter 11 code to empower the RBI to send DHFL to the NCLT under Section 45-IE(2) of the RBI Act which manages administration concerns and defaults. Two days overriding its board the RBI on November 22, under Section 45-IE 5(a) of the RBI Act, comprised a three-part warning panel under Rajiv Lall, non-leader director of past IDFC First Bank, NS Kannan, overseeing head of ICICI Prudential Life, and NS Venkatesh, CEO of the Mutual asset anteroom Amfi to educate the chairman in the activities with respect to DHFL during the goal interaction. The NCLT conceded the case December 3, 2019 and cleared the cycle on June 7, 2021 as the entire interaction got deferred by the pandemic driven lockdowns. In any case, the DHFL case scored some unsual features when the Mumbai NCLT seat headed HP Chaturvedi and Ravikumar Duraisamy on May 26, 2021 had requested the board from loan to relook primed and ready proposal of over Rs 92,000 crore offer made by the Wadhawans, the first advertisers of DHFL. The request was remained by redrafting body NCLAT the extremely following day and on June 7, the last request endorsing the Piramal Group bid, which is just 33% of its duty, was given.

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