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RBI announces portfolios of deputy governors

RBI announces portfolios of deputy governors

RBI announces portfolios of deputy governors

MUMBAI: RBI announces portfolios of deputy governors –┬áSome portfolios were reallocated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Monday as of deputy governors, with the department of regulation entrusted to the newly-appointed M Rajeshwar Rao.
Rao was executive of the Federal Reserve Bank before being elevated to the post of the deputy governor. He took the new charge last week.

By N S Vishwanathan, who stepped down three months before Rao was appointed to the post vacated by him before his extended tenure on health grounds as four deputy governors effective from October 12 to consequent upon the appointment of Rao as deputy governor.

Besides the department of regulation, Rao will take care of the departments of communication, enforcement, inspection, legal, and risk monitoring, the financial institution said during a statement still take care of the monetary policy department and department of economic and policy research, deposit insurance, and credit guarantee corporation, financial markets operations department, and financial markets regulation department.

This will be taken care of by the central security cell, corporate strategy and budget department, consumer education and protection department, department of supervision, and human resource management department, among others, will be managed by Deputy governor BP Kanungo will oversee the coordination, in external investments and operations and currency management, department of state and banks accounts, IT, payment and settlement systems, Right of data (RIA) Division, and secretary’s department.

Prior to taking up because the executive, Rao was the chief head of, financial markets operation department and had previously held charge of the danger monitoring department. He has also worked because of the Banking Ombudsman, New Delhi.

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