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Rakuten India to hire 1K junior, mid-level engineers in next 12-18 months

Rakuten India

Rakuten India to hire 1,000 junior, mid-level engineers

The Rakuten Group Inc.’s largest development center and primary technology hub outside of Japan, Rakuten India, is growing operations there and has ambitions to hire 1,000 junior and mid-level engineers over the next 12 to 18 months. The Indian division supports the group’s operations in a variety of technological fields, including product engineering, data science goods, machine learning platforms, artificial intelligence products, and medical research. 
Engineers, product managers, programme managers, and research teams make up the majority of our staff. At Rakuten India, however, engineers in Full Stack, Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and Research make up the majority of our talent. A product mindset, in our opinion, is essential to creating a powerful organization. In order to create an environment where learning never stops and exceeding expectations is the norm, we also invest in hiring product managers to work closely with our technical teams. We hire a lot of people in the junior and middle levels. Some of our department heads manage numerous teams both domestically and abroad. We serve as Rakuten’s global technology and innovation hub. Rakuten India’s CEO, Sunil Gopinath, spoke to Business Today.

Rakuten India

The hiring by Rakuten India occurs at a time when major technological businesses like Google have halted hiring. “Rakuten Group is a multinational conglomerate of companies engaged in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, fintech, mobile, research, and others. Both organic and inorganic growth tactics power our expansion. Additionally, the variety of business domains gives us the chance to sail through bad weather because we are a vital factor in Rakuten’s success on a global scale. During the epidemic, when businesses were extremely cautious, we hired the most people,” Gopinath continued. 
Due to the intense focus on both the tech business and the product business, the company aims to dramatically increase team sizes in the upcoming year. Rakuten has also relocated to a brand-new office in Bengaluru, which offers enough for roughly 3,000 workers.