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Railway Board Member Inspects Sports Facilities in Eastern Railway

Railway Board Member

Railway Board Member Examines Sports Facilities in Eastern Railway

Railway Board Member – Sanjeev Mittal, Member (Infra)/Railway Board and President, Railway Sports Promotion Board (RSPB), examined the Eastern Railway’s sports facilities. Sh. Mittal also met with athletes and coaches from various sports disciplines during his visit to Kolkata. Sh. Mittal was accompanied by Sh. P.C. Lochab, Secretary/RSPB, Eastern Railway Sports Association (ERSA) President and General Secretary, and other officers. 
Indian Railways, in fact, has a significant pool of athletes, coaches, and technical authorities for a variety of sports, as well as a large sports infrastructure in several Zonal Railways and Production Units across the country. 
The Eastern Railway, which is headquartered in Kolkata, also offers some of the best facilities, including those for swimming, cricket, and badminton, among other sports. On March 22nd, a member of the Railway Board (Infrastructure) visited some of Eastern Railway’s sports facilities and examined the plans for augmentation. 
Sh. Mittal also paid a visit to the Kacharapara Sports Complex. During his discussions with athletes, coaches, and ERSA officials, Member (Infra) stated that additional facilities such as a synthetic track, football field, housing, and boarding facilities, as well as the expansion of the Gymnasium to meet national requirements, are required.

Railway Board Member

The improvements to transform it into an indoor pool with electronic touchpads, up-gradation of the filtration system, Sauna, Steam, and a small pool for beginners were the focus of the inspection of the Aquatics facilities at Behela. The member also discussed with ERSA officials the development of the unoccupied ground around this facility for archery, gymnastics, powerlifting, weightlifting, and other sports. 
During the Board Member’s visit, it was announced that ERSA will hire architects to plan out various facilities in Kolkata and provide ideas for putting the plan into action. 
Member (Infrastructure) also examined Majerhat’s facilities and met with Eastern Railway authorities to discuss plans to make it the world’s largest accommodation and boarding facility, as well as the building of a hockey ground and shooting range. 

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