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Qualcomm selects 4 semiconductor startups for mentorship program


Qualcomm selects semiconductor startups for mentorship

The first group of applicants for Qualcomm India’s Semiconductor Mentorship Program (Qualcomm SMP) for 2022 has been chosen. It was announced in April of this year that start-ups would benefit from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.’s mentoring, technical training, and industry outreach assistance under this programme run in conjunction with the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY).

Pantherun Technologies Pvt Ltd, Simyog Technology Private Limited, FermionIC Design Pvt Ltd, and Powency Circuit Private Limited are the four start-ups that have been narrowed down for further consideration.

A fabless semiconductor business with a focus on SERDES IP, PLL, and Analog IP Design is FermionIC Design Pvt Ltd. Powency Circuit Private Limited concentrates on semiconductor products for more effective small-scale power applications. A cybersecurity pioneer, Pantherun Technologies Pvt Ltd, has developed a real-time encryption method for data protection that makes breaches 10 times more difficult. Simyog Technology Private Limited, on the other hand, is concentrated on offering EMI/EMC simulation software for front-loading at the early design stage. CompScope, the company’s primary product, is a “Virtual EMI/EMC laboratory” for forecasting compliance testing for radiation emissions, conducted emissions, radiation susceptibility, and conducted susceptibility.

Qualcomm Technologies

Leaders from Qualcomm Technologies will provide guidance to the start-ups on product development and strategy. The Qualcomm SMP will also organize masterclass seminars on non-technical topics including pitches, intellectual property rights, marketing, government incentives, opportunities, and scaling up teams in addition to technical topics like semiconductor design, testing, verification, and packaging. Through meetings, webinars, seminars, and trade exhibits, C-DAC and the Qualcomm SMP will also assist these start-ups in getting in front of government stakeholders.

“Startups have helped to put India at the very forefront of technology innovation for the world,” said E. Magesh, Director General of C-DAC. Recognizing their potential, the government is fostering their development through well-targeted policies, strategies, and a renewed focus on the semiconductor industry. In order to provide semiconductor start-ups with the kind of technical help, mentoring, and industry exposure they require, we are looking forward to working with Qualcomm.