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PVR India announced National Partnership with Save Soil Movement

Save Soil Movement

PVR’s Partnership with Save Soil Movement Announcement

PVR Cinemas, India’s largest and most successful movie theatre chain, has partnered with Isha Outreach in India as its National Partner for Save Soil Movement, the world’s largest environmental movement. 
The three-year partnership entails PVR using its screens and spaces to promote Sadhguru’s Save Soil Movement, as well as enlisting the support of its customers by donating money to Cauvery Calling, the world’s largest farmer-driven ecological movement, while purchasing a ticket on the PVR website or mobile app. In addition, on UN-designated days such as World Environment Day on June 5 and World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought on June 17, Isha volunteers would communicate with PVR subscribers to raise awareness of the subject. 
Save Soil Movement is a global campaign founded by Sadhguru to save the soil from extinction and to implement the policies required to address humanity’s terrible problem. Governments, UN agencies, global leaders, organizations, distinguished members of the environmental and scientific communities, corporations, and private individuals are joining forces in the Save Soil Movement to address the serious catastrophe of soil extinction. The Save Soil Movement will work to bring global attention to our dying soil by inspiring 3.5 billion people to support policy changes that will safeguard, nurture, and sustain soil, as well as driving national policy changes in all countries to raise and maintain soil organic content to a minimum of 3-6 percent.

Save Soil Movement

PVR is also allowing its consumers to join in the Cauvery Calling on-ground initiative of ISHA by making a monetary donation to the wider goal of rescuing the Cauvery River as part of its effort to increase its support leading to a sustainable India. Cauvery Calling will help farmers in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka plant 242 crore trees in the Cauvery basin. Cauvery Calling is a project that aims to revive the Cauvery River, enrich the soil, and increase water retention by encouraging farmers to switch to tree-based agriculture. 
PVR, as a socially responsible corporation, supports the United Nations’ Climate Action SDG objective and has pledged to minimize its emissions and carbon footprint. It has implemented a wide range of technical and operational adjustments to cut emissions and conserve energy in order to ensure a sustainable future. 
“We pledge to identify the soil problem and are committed to raising awareness about soil degradation through our media and our loyal customers,” Mr. Gautam Dutta, CEO, PVR Limited, said in a statement announcing the partnership with Isha Outreach for their Save Soil Movement and Cauvery Calling Movement. By enhancing the Save Soil and Cauvery Calling message in our cinemas and digital platforms, we are demonstrating our support for the Save Soil and Cauvery Calling movement. We encourage our consumers to join us in supporting Isha Outreach’s environmental and climate action programmes. We would leave a globe for future generations to produce nutritious food and maintain all life through our humble approach.”