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Coal India declares performance-linked reward to employees

Coal India declares performance-linked reward to employees

Coal India declares performance-linked reward to employees

New Delhi: Coal India declares performance-linked reward to employees – Rs 68,500 per employee reward was given to all or any non-executive cadre workforce of the Coal India Ltd (CIL) declared performance-linked reward for the year 2019-20, estimated to cause the financial impact of over Rs 1,700 crore to the organization.

With the indulgence of workforce during the year and therefore the payment would be made before October 22, a corporation executive said about employees of CIL and its eight subsidiary companies almost around 2.62 Lakh who were on the company’s appear FY20 are likely to receive the reward.

CIL offered a 5.87% rise over the sooner year’s PLR of Rs. 64,700 per employee, absolutely the increase being Rs.3,800. The non-executive employees who have completed a minimum of 30 working days during 2019-20 are going to be eligible for the payment on a pro-rata basis,” the chief said.

The Standardisation Committee of the Joint Bi-partite Committee of industry (JBCCI-X) held in Ranchi on Thursday between CIL’s management and CIL and therefore the company’s Director (Finance) Sanjiv Soni and Director (Personnel & Industrial Relations) R P Srivastava, represented CIL within the negotiations.

For reward on time to the satisfaction of each side, we are happy that we could conclude the performance related to the advantage of our employees. the corporate always enjoyed harmonious industrial relations with the unions” the senior executive said.

This enthuse our employees to place in the greater effort as the payment before the festive season should help to boost our performance levels significantly,” he said.

Within the country, CIL is that the largest organization employer to increase in coal output around 10.6% at 115 million tonnes for the July-September period, on the rear of record production month of September as the production grew at 31.6% and off-take at 31.7%, highest ever in any September.

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