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Vedanta accuses Madras HC of ‘favouritism’ in SC petition, later calls it oversight

Vedanta accuses Madras HC of 'favouritism' in SC petition

Vedanta accuses Madras HC of ‘favouritism’ in SC petition, later calls it oversight – Sterlite Closure

CHENNAI: Vedanta accuses Madras HC of ‘favouritism’ in SC petition, later calls it oversight – The special leave petition filed by Vedanta Limited before the Supreme Court has accused the Madras supreme court of ‘favouritism’ while delivering the judgement within the Sterlite case. However, the organization has withdrawn the statement and filed an amendment petition saying it’s no intention of disrespecting the divisional bench.

In page 870 ground E of the petition, a replica of which is out there with The New Indian Express, Vedanta said: “The Hon’ble supreme court while rejecting every single contention of the petitioner (Sterlite), and discounting every single report relied on by the petitioner appears to possess displayed a favourable predisposition towards some parties. The petitioner submits that such predisposition demonstrated a clear inability to render fair judgement. it’s further submitted that Hon’ble supreme court has expressed some opinions acquired outside the context of the judicial proceedings like regard to the cases pending against the petitioner in other states.”

A senior Tamil Nadu government official, who was present when the petition came up for admission on August 26, told The New Indian Express that senior counsel CS Vaidyanathan had actually pointed this before the Supreme Court after the company filed an amendment application on Monday seeking to expunge the statements from the petition,” the official said.

In the amendment application, which is additionally available with The New Indian Express, Vedanta claimed the paragraph was found within the draft circulated by an associate, which was then struck off while finalizing the petition seems to possess remained within the final draft. Considering the voluminous judgement and consequently the petition that itself runs into many pages, the subsequent paragraph was overlooked while finalizing the petition.”

Vedanta also said there was no intent, deliberate or otherwise, to state anything that was even remotely disrespectful of the divisional bench. the organization said it seeks to expunge the statements that have inadvertently found an area within the petition filed.

On August 18, the Madras supreme court divisional bench, comprising Justices TS Sivagnanam and V Bhavani Subbaroyan, had rejected the plea of the mining giant Vedanta seeking to reopen its Sterlite copper plant in Thoothukudi, which has been shut since May 2018 over pollution concerns.

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