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Tata Steel to organize Virtual Run 2020 on Saturday, November 22

Tata Steel to organize Virtual Run 2020 on Saturday

Tata Steel to organize Virtual Run 2020 on Saturday, November 22

Tata Steel to organize Virtual Run 2020 on Saturday, November 22 – On November 22, the first-ever Tata Steel virtual run, are scheduled and going to be different and with a social cause as the registrations for the ‘sought-after’ event, to be conducted in groups like 5 km (12-16 years boys and girls), 10 km (16 years and above, men and women) and 7 km (16 years and above, men and women) are open.

With exciting recognitions like e-certificate, discount coupons and a steel medal especially crafted from steel and made by Tata Steel are going to be given to participants as per terms and conditions.

To respect and protect Mother Nature, and value the good advantages that trees bless us with a day , a sapling are going to be planted for every participant in Jamshedpur, a Tata Steel official said.

The participants can visit to register. The run is open just for Indian nationals. The participants can run from anywhere they prefer to. The activities are often recorded by using GPS-based watch Garmin or mobile fitness app Strava only. The info must be uploaded alongside the screenshot of the run from the link given the registration confirmation mail.

Tata Steel has been promoting its fitness culture through its marathons organized in 5 cities across the country – Calcutta, Jamshedpur and Noamundi (both in Jharkhand), and Bhubaneswar and Angul (both in Odisha).

The run has been successful whenever it had been held within the steel city. People, including corporate honchos & marathoners from across the nation, have added gloss to the event.

Annually, around 35,000 people participate in these running events. thanks to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, a requirement was identified to urge connected with various stakeholders through a virtual run. Being conducted on a digital platform ensures extended reach and aim to possess more number of participants across the country compared to previous years.

The event is going to be managed by Striders (the event partner) – a fitness training group that designs and organizes fitness-specific training programs and conducts various run events throughout the year. It’s sponsored by Brooks, the favored shoe brand within the world, which designs and markets running-specific performance footwear, apparel and accessories worldwide.

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